Kerpoof Animation

The Superstars are continuing their exploration of different animation websites. We used Kerpoof today. This is different to some of the other sites we have used in that it allows us to put events on a timeline so we can have lots of things going on at once!
The Superstars really enjoyed experimenting with it and agreed it was one of their favourites!

The Superstars were really keen to put a link on our blog so they could find it again easily. Why don’t you try it out too and let us know what you think?

Cliff Rescue Stories

We wrote about an exciting cliff top rescue in this week’s storywriting lesson. We were concentrating on introducing characters, setting and plot.

We have used a website called to publish a selection of our stories, which we discovered via Burravoe in Shetland’s blog. It lets us turn our stories into an internet book. Click on the the bottom corner and the pages will turn just like a book.

Click here to read stories by Roxie, Taylor and Elidh.


We have been learning about Hinduism with Mrs Smith. This week we learned all about Puja, which is a form of ceremonial worship. Click on the video below to learn more about Puja from the BBC Learning Zone.

Download Title

We performed our own Puja ceremony in class and made a video. We will be watching it again in class and can show parents next time they visit us.

We decorated our own shrine to the Hindu Gods.

Thank you Mrs Smith. We really enjoyed our lesson.

Further Adventures in Animation

We have signed up to a site called Go Animation 4 Schools. We had fun making our own animations on ABCya! a couple of weeks ago. It taught us that we need to make lots of frames to make even a short animation. Now we are looking at other animation sites we can experiment with. Go Animate 4 Schools allows us to create and comment on each others animations safely within the school environment.

Click on the link below to see Mrs Stewart’s one frame animation. Dancing bunny by Mrs Stewart

Today we had a look around the different features we could use. In the coming weeks we will try making longer animations using speech, music and sound effects!

Maud Lewis Lighthouse Seascapes

Maud Lewis's House

On Friday we looked at the art of a Canadian folk artist called Maud Lewis (1903-1970).

Maud was self taught and lived in a tiny house which although very plain from the outside, was very colourful inside, as she painted every available surface.

Read more about Maud Lewis here.

We used a wet wash for the sky, sponged the sea and painted the hill and rocks. We drew, cut out and stuck on our lighthouses and other details.

We adapted this lesson from a great art site called Deepspacesparkle.

The Inchcape Rock

This week, as part of our lighthouse topic, we read a famous poem called “The Inchcape Rock” by Robert Southey.

The Inchcape Rock is the rock upon which the Bell Rock Lighthouse now stands. However, long before the lighthouse was built, the Abbot of Aberbrothok ( as Arbroath was called then) ordered a bell to be placed upon the rock to warn boats away from danger.

The poem tells the story of how the bell was stolen by a pirate called Ralph the Rover. A year later, Ralph was returning to Aberbrothok in a storm when his ship crashed into the Inchcape Rock and sank. So Ralph got his watery come uppance!

You can read the poem for yourself here.

We discussed the moral of the poem and then worked together to sequence the poem into three main parts.