Maud Lewis Lighthouse Seascapes

Maud Lewis's House

On Friday we looked at the art of a Canadian folk artist called Maud Lewis (1903-1970).

Maud was self taught and lived in a tiny house which although very plain from the outside, was very colourful inside, as she painted every available surface.

Read more about Maud Lewis here.

We used a wet wash for the sky, sponged the sea and painted the hill and rocks. We drew, cut out and stuck on our lighthouses and other details.

We adapted this lesson from a great art site called Deepspacesparkle.

2 thoughts on “Maud Lewis Lighthouse Seascapes”

  1. Hello Superstars,
    I am most impressed with your beautiful painting seascapes. The detail and use of colour make the paintings jump off the page and catch a person’s eye!
    Our class lives near the water as well on Vancouver Island, B.C. in Canada and sees lighthouses often as we travel up and down our large island My grade 3 class has been participating in painting activities in Art. Maybe we will copy your idea and share our painting on our blog.

  2. Thank you for your lovely compliments Ms. Bulger. We would love to see your paintings. We will have a look at your blog in school tomorrow

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