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Acrostic Poems

This morning we worked in groups to write an acrostic poem based on the word “light.” Acrostic poems are simple poems in which each the first letter of each line forms a word or phrase (vertically). We chose this word because we are learning about lighthouses and 2011 is the “Year of Light” festival in Arbroath to celebrate the bi-centenary of the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Once we had written our poems, we had to make a poster with the poem and illustrations and present it to the class. Everyone worked really hard, co-operated well in their groups and did a great job!

The Inchcape Rock

This week, as part of our lighthouse topic, we read a famous poem called “The Inchcape Rock” by Robert Southey.

The Inchcape Rock is the rock upon which the Bell Rock Lighthouse now stands. However, long before the lighthouse was built, the Abbot of Aberbrothok ( as Arbroath was called then) ordered a bell to be placed upon the rock to warn boats away from danger.

The poem tells the story of how the bell was stolen by a pirate called Ralph the Rover. A year later, Ralph was returning to Aberbrothok in a storm when his ship crashed into the Inchcape Rock and sank. So Ralph got his watery come uppance!

You can read the poem for yourself here.

We discussed the moral of the poem and then worked together to sequence the poem into three main parts.

Scots Poetry Competition

Today Mrs Robb came to our classroom to pick the finalists for the Scots Poetry Competition to be held next week. Mrs Stewart was glad she didn’t have to choose because everyone was so good! Now you can listen too.

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