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Dunipace Primary School

Over the past year we have become friendly, through our respective blogs, with Primary 3 at Dunipace Primary School in Falkirk, and their teacher Mrs Crerar.

They have a fantastic blog which we love to look at:


We decided that we would like to work together and decided we would produce a guide to learn more about each other. We thought we would use a Glow wiki to do this. A wiki is a kind of collaborative website which more than one person can contribute to, even if they live in different places, so we thought it would be perfect for us!

Dunipace have added lots of pages to the wiki. We particularly liked their Simpson avatars and their video guide. You have done a great job Dunipace. Well done everyone.

You can have a look too. Click here. and then click on the Dunipace tab to see all their hard work.

Our wiki

We have been working hard on our wiki. A wiki is a kind of collaborative website where we can work together with other classes, not just in Scotland but all around the world.

You can have a look at what we have done so far by clicking here.

You can read about our class, classroom and school. Just click on the Warddykes Primary School tab on the left and a dropdown menu will appear.

We are hoping we will be able to involve new classes in all our exciting projects.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Today's filmstars!

Today a group of us went out with Mrs Stewart to start shooting our video guide to Arbroath. We started off with a tour of the park and beach at the West Links. We are making this to put on our new wiki. A wiki is a kind of website that lots of people can contribute to and work on.

We are going to be working with our friends at Dunipace School in Falkirk and the Big Byte Learning Institute in Taiwan.

We will be sharing details of our wiki with you soon.