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On Monday we started by doing division in maths work. The primary 7’s did friends for life, while the primary 6’s stayed and did S.R.E. At the end of the day we did music. On Tueday we did maths, after lunchtime we went to gym and we did tag rugby in the rain, and at the end of the day, like always, the primary 7′ went to the p7 classroom and did friends for life and the p6’s did S.R.E. On Wednesday we started by doing maths.After playtime the p7’s did friends for life,and the p6’s did S.R.E as always. And at the end of the day we did Art. The primary sevens have been doing their friends for life topic for quite some weeks, and now we are finished with it. Our class has recently been shown a music software called Aviary, when you pick your music style and make intros, loops and endings.We have been working in trios on the schools net books, and we have been using scratch to make our own video games, and we have been using Aviary to make the games music.

This week’s blog post

This week we were not at school on Monday because it was a  bank holiday . When we got back on Tuesday we done maths and we made frogs in the activity zone .After break the p7s went to Mrs Cairns class and we started a project called Friends for life while the p7s were in Mrs Cairns class the p6’s were doing something called Feel think do.Then it was lunch time after lunch we went to gym. At gym we done the long jump and the high jump to see how high and long we can go . Mrs Grossart was looking to see who would be good for the wee county sports. After gym the primary 6 stayed in class and done feel think do and primary 7’s went to primary 7 and done friends for life. When the primary 7’s were in Mrs Cairns class they  had a little practice of the leavers assembly song it is Raise your glass by Pink.

On Wednesday the primary 7 went back to Mrs Cairns class and done Friends for life and the primary 6 done feel think do.Friends for life is you talk about our feelings and other stuff .Feel think do is you talk what makes you safe.Then we were having break after break we went back to the classes we were in before break until lunch after lunch we went back to our original class and we all done maths until 2pm and then we got the laptops until home time.

We have made a glogster about the week to >>Click Here <<

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Building the great hall

This week we have been making a fire place,great door,bricks, and fripperies. We also made knights and there are four of them.  We had to follow instructions to make simple shapes like squares and ovals. We had to measure them different sizes.

To make the great door we used cardboard and paper. We painted the cardboard brown and the paper grey. The cardboard is brown  because we are putting that on the door to make  a great door and the bricks are for the out side of the door. We are putting the bricks out side the door so it look like the out side of a castle door.This is a

link for a great castle. We have also made portraits and made the frame with cardboard and coloured the picture with oil pastels. 

Mr McLaren showed us a website called Soundation.  We are going to make music to play when our guests come to visit the Magic Castle.

This week.

This week we have been making suits of armour, maps and hanging portraits on the wall. The past few weeks we have been reading “Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors”. We have stripped the writing wall in our classroom and we are putting up brick panels.Yesterday we were making frames for the portraits we made them by cutting the shape of the frame out of cardboard then we stuck stuff like pasta shells with glue then we painted them after the glue had dried.


[kml_flashembed movie="" width="200" height="267" allowfullscreen="true" /]

If you want more info listen to our voki.

This weeks blog!

This weeks blog post is about our class novel Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors.    So far we have only read chapter 1 and so far it sounds like a good book so it should be good through out the book.  This week’s homework is maths but also we have to research about any castle in the world and  bring  back 6 facts for Friday so we will see on Friday all the facts. Mine was on Edinburgh castle .


The Magic Castle

Hello! On Monday we started our new topic called The Magic Castle.

 On Monday we started making the paneling for the wall. We painted pieces of paper brown then we painted knots on the paper with black paint to make the paneling look more realistic.

On Tuesday we put more detail on to the panels with black paint.

On Wednesday we put the panels up on the wall. We also wrote an ink letter so the classroom felt and looked a little older.

On Wednesday we started making trifolds about The Secret Panel. We had to write information about the secret item that was inside the panel. We all got to make up what is inside the panel so every one’s stories will be different.

On Thursday we continued making our trifold about The Secret Panel.

Our classroom is not looking much like a castle yet but it soon will!

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Back at school!!!

Hi there! Now we are all back at school working hard as normal! We all enjoyed our Christmas! We hope you enjoyed yours. This week we are doing a project on the weather. We have built a weather station that has a compass, a thermometer and  a rain measure. We have built it to record the weather. We have made a DOMO animation >>>click here<<< to watch. >>>Click here<<< to watch one of our class mates animations!Here is a photo of DOMO edited in any making! Domo is a fun website where you can make fun and silly animations! You can also make slide shows! Our teacher has given us weather related homework. We have to watch two weather forecasts and write down what our regions weather should be. We are bringing our homework back on Friday and we will discuss if the weather forecast was correct or not!Thanks for reading our post!

News of the Week

It has been a bit mixed up here over the last 2 weeks with lots of snow keeping us off school and then our heating broke so we were sent home again!

It was good to be back in school this week because it was the primary 6 Christmas party. We did lots of social dance. We danced the Flying Scotsman and Virginia Reel, the Circassian circle and the Military two step and some other dances too. You can see instructions for the dance at this website. We all dressed up in our fancy clothes and had a brilliant afternoon together.

One of the new things we have been using in our class is Brain Training on the Nintendo DS. Some of the other classes have already been using them and we were really looking forward to getting our turn.  We will use them most days after the holidays and we are looking forward to seeing if our brain ages are better than Mr Patterson!

The Snow.

Here at Clackmannan Primary   School has been closed because of the Snow. If it has been undisturbed the snow is 10 inches deep! We have all been very busy building snowmen. 😀 Now that we are at school we are all very busy catching up on our personal blogs. 😀  Here is a voki about enjoying the snow! 😀 [kml_flashembed movie="" width="300" height="400" allowfullscreen="true" /]

Home Activity Links

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all keeping busy at home. Unfortunately the school was closed today due to heating problems. Mr McLaren has put some links on the Clackmannan Primary website which will allow you to access some learning activities that you can do at home.

I look forward to hearing about the activities you tried. Mr Patterson

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