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Building the great hall

This week we have been making a fire place,great door,bricks, and fripperies. We also made knights and there are four of them.  We had to follow instructions to make simple shapes like squares and ovals. We had to measure them different sizes.

To make the great door we used cardboard and paper. We painted the cardboard brown and the paper grey. The cardboard is brown  because we are putting that on the door to make  a great door and the bricks are for the out side of the door. We are putting the bricks out side the door so it look like the out side of a castle door.This is a

link for a great castle. We have also made portraits and made the frame with cardboard and coloured the picture with oil pastels. 

Mr McLaren showed us a website called Soundation.  We are going to make music to play when our guests come to visit the Magic Castle.

News of the Week

It has been a bit mixed up here over the last 2 weeks with lots of snow keeping us off school and then our heating broke so we were sent home again!

It was good to be back in school this week because it was the primary 6 Christmas party. We did lots of social dance. We danced the Flying Scotsman and Virginia Reel, the Circassian circle and the Military two step and some other dances too. You can see instructions for the dance at this website. We all dressed up in our fancy clothes and had a brilliant afternoon together.

One of the new things we have been using in our class is Brain Training on the Nintendo DS. Some of the other classes have already been using them and we were really looking forward to getting our turn.  We will use them most days after the holidays and we are looking forward to seeing if our brain ages are better than Mr Patterson!

Primary 7 away to Ardeonaig!

This week will be very interesting. Our Primary 7 pupils have gone off to Ardeonaig for a residential experience and we are left behind. Today we are learning to use hyperlinks in our blogs and we think we will find this pretty useful. Mr McLaren showed us Purplemash and we had time to have a wee shot of 2Animate. Tomorrow we will spend all day in the computer suite using websites like Kerpoof and Zooburst as well as Glow!

Welcome to our Blog!

We are Primary 6/7 in Clackmannan Primary School. We will use this blog to tell you, (and show you – hopefully!) some of the work we will be getting up to over this year.
We are really excited to be getting our own blogs and Mr McLaren and Mr Patterson are really keen to see how we use them to think about our learning, and they will show us how to add photographs and samples of our work over the next term.
Other things coming up are some of us are heading off to a residential trip at Ardeonaig and we are really looking forward to it.
Keep coming back to find out what other things we are doing in class.
Bye for now