Burravoe Primary School

August 12, 2020
by Mrs Hay

Welcome back!

Its great having everyone back in school today – our soft start this week has now begun!

The next couple of weeks are going to focus on our new routines, and reconnecting with everyone in school. There’s going to be a lot of activity outside in the playground so please give us a wave if you pass school!

Chirpy and Barbara are still on holiday in Cullivoe but will hopefully be back to school soon.


Packed lunches this week sound fantastic! Menus for next week should be up soon 🙂

Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Sausage roll Chicken goujons and dip Chicken / tuna wrap
Side Cheese cubes Vegetable sticks Boiled egg
Snack Flapjack Fairy cake Cheese & crackers
Fruit Melon Grapes Fruit salad
Water Water Water

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June 15, 2020
by Mrs Hay

Monster Apocalypse

Friday, 13th August 1982.
In a small town in Michigan, it wasn’t a normal day, it was Friday the 13th. Everyone started the day of normally because they all thought Friday the 13th was just any other day. Or is it?

First, all the adults went to work, and the children went to school.

At 12:30pm every school day, usually the children are outside playing in the playground, but something isn’t ordinary…the swings have been knocked down.

Meanwhile the children were playing football Jacob yelled “STOP!!!” Everyone turned their head towards him. “What?” Replied Abigail. “The swings!” Everyone’s jaws dropped. “What happened?” Cried Grace.

Everyone ran over to inspect it. “Oh no” sighed Imogen, “I will tell Mrs Jones!” She sobbed.

But Mrs Jones was already on her way out…

“Mrs-” “EVERYONE!!!!!” All the children gasped. “GATHER AT THE GATE!” The children and the teachers did as they were told. “What’s going on?” Whispered Zoe. “I’m not sure…” Replied Amanda.

Next everyone heard a scream…

Anna still was in the playground.

Everyone’s heads turned to where the sound was coming from. Mrs Harris ran over to get Anna. “Anna isn’t here!” Cried Isabelle, “Shhhh!” shushed Mrs Jones, “Oh” frowned Mrs Jones again.

Next everyone realised why Anna screamed…

There was a creature coming over the hill…
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!” Everyone shrieked, (Including the teachers.) Everyone ran as far as they could to get away from the mystery creature. Mrs Jones checked her watch and it said, “1:22, Friday, August 13th” She sighed.

Meanwhile Mrs Harris and Anna were still trying to catch up as the monster was still chasing them.

Chloe turned around to check, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!” There were more baby monsters chasing (the babies were the size of a medium trampoline)

Everyone turned around too “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” They bellowed and charged even further away.

Next the largest creature broke half of the school and it came crashing to the ground.
And the smallest creatures started running into walls of houses and collapsing to the ground.

10 minutes went by and the monsters were still smashing up buildings.

Once they were done, they started walking over the hill again, waving goodbye. “Huh?” Questioned Isabelle.

The mystery of the monsters, still remains unsolved.

March 23, 2020
by Mrs Hay

School Closure – Activity Ideas

In order to support parents over the school closures, we have collected some resources and ideas of activities that can be done at home across the curriculum, both on and off line.

The Great Indoors is a collection of activities from The Scouts,  both short and open ended.

LittleLessons20 is a twitter account run by an Edinburgh Primary Teacher. They post videos aimed at supporting parents with activities in literacy and numeracy that can be done at home, and don’t require internet access.

The Wooodland Trust has a range of outdoor learning activities you can do in your garden, great for days you want to do something outside, as well as indoor activities if the Shetland weather isn’t cooperating.

PE with Joe is live streamed daily on YouTube at 9am. It is a lot of fun, and can be accessed at anytime of day as the live recordings are then posted to his YouTube Channel.

TinkerLab is a website focusing on science, art and creative projects for children aged 2-12. There are an amazing selection of ideas and inspirations here, as well as monthly art challenges you can join in with.


Have fun, stay safe, and wash your hands!


March 16, 2020
by Mrs Hay

School Closure Arrangments

All pupils at Burravoe Primary School have GLOW usernames and logins. P3-7 pupils are familiar with logging in and should need minimal support from parents in accessing Teams, where pupils tasks and activities are being shared, and the class notebook where they can save any documents. 
 P1/2 pupils all have literacy and numeracy packs sent home last week, and a selection of suggested home activities has been shared with parents for Early, First and Second level to complement this. 

If any parents have issues with access or digital devices, please contact the school via email, as although schools are still open for staff many are having to work from home due to childcare.


Information has been shared today from Children’s Services, as follows –

Dear Parent and Carer

When the decision was made to close some of our schools for one week from Monday 16 March for operational and resilience reasons, Children’s Services committed to issuing further information to parents and carers at the start of this week, including information about learning that can be done at home, and electronic communication between children and staff during the closure period. 

We recognise that is a very unsettling time for families, and school staff, and we are committed to ensuring that learning can take place at this time at home.

More specifically, the following arrangements are already in place:

–          All secondary pupils should now have a Glow username and password.  Glow is the Scottish schools free intranet platform, supported by the Scottish Government and is a secure site  GLOW  

–          Many of our children and staff are already familiar with Glow and the Office 365 tools within it through their use of it in school.

–          Some upper primary pupils will also have a Glow username and password.

–          Guidance notes for the use of Glow are also attached to this email.

–          There is also a pupil Glow support email address  PUPILglowsupportshetland@shetland.gov.uk , which is being monitored regularly.

–          If your child does not have access to an internet enabled device, please inform the school so alternative arrangements can be in place.

–          If you live in an area which is poorly served in terms of internet connectivity, then please contact the school.

–          For any pupil who requires physical work to be delivered, the school will contact parents directly.

–          For children and young people in the senior phase of their education, secondary four to secondary six, please note that Children’s Services are in discussion with the SQA to discuss the implications of the school closures this week, and we will be sharing information with schools and parents and carers as soon as possible.

–          Finally, please find attached general advice that Children’s Services have received for supporting family life at this time, which may be of use to your family.

Please do discuss any concerns you have with your school in the first instance.

February 28, 2020
by Mrs Hay

Up Helly Aa

Although the Lerwick Up Helly Aa takes place on the last Tuesday in January, our own Up Helly Aa on Yell is the last weekend of February. This is actually a four day event, starting with our Jarls Squad, who have been preparing all year, visiting around the island on Thursday. They even had a play on our zipline!

Not only did we get to try out some of the amazing costumes, but they present the school with a shield to commemorate the visit. Parents and members of the community also come along, and we get photos with our friends in the squad!

On Friday, we went along to Cullivoe Primary, and joined them to meet the galley procession down to the school. Riding in the galley is one of the most exciting parts of the day! We also got to admire our shields, which we painted along with the other schools in Yell.

Tonight the Procession and Boat Burning will be in Cullivoe at 7pm for a 7.30 start, followed by the Squads in Cullivoe Hall and Cullivoe School.


February 7, 2020
by Mrs Hay
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EMERGENCY! Police Station visit

On Thursday the 6th of February we went to the Yell Police Station in Mid Yell .We all went in the cell and it was really small and the bed wasn’t comfortable. I learned what a cell look liked. I learned what they wear when they need to go to different occasions. The kit we put on was really heavy and WAY to big for us. I thought that when I went to the Police Station I learned a lot  from it. I enjoyed it.


Next week we will visit the Fire Station.

January 28, 2020
by Mrs Hay

Burns Supper

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Burns Super last night.

Pupils performed dialect poems and songs, as well as older pupils reciting Burns poetry.

We shared our own Burns inspired poems and our portraits, as everyone enjoyed the haggis, neeps and tatties prepared by pupils and staff.

November 21, 2019
by Mrs Hay

Book week Scotland

Primary 1- 3 will receive their book bags and read write count bags today from our librarian. We have been reading the P1 books in school so we can take them home and share with our families.


This morning we took part in the Gruffalo 20th anniversary #BBCAuthorsLive event, hearing the story read in Scots and Gaelic. All over Scotland schools shared favourite Scots words, and we tweeted in some of our favourite dialect words, peerie and clatch!

November 6, 2019
by Mrs Hay

Bonfire and Firework Poems

Fireworks and Bonfires 

Fireworks go so high

Right up in the sky

The noise they make is WHIZZ POP BOOM! 

Woof goes the dog inside his room, 


Make sure you don’t go to near the fire 

As it crackles it will burn down the empire.



Fizz, goes the firework as it is lit.

Whizz, goes the firework as it fly’s to the sky.

Pop, goes the firework as it explodes.

Boom, goes the firework as it all falls to bits.


Explosions of colour erupt in the sky.

There is no need for you to lie.

October 3, 2019
by Alice Coutts
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coffee afternoon

We had a coffee afternoon and we raised £323.80. Thank you to everybody who came to the coffee afternoon.

September 27, 2019
by Mrs Hay

MacMillan Coffee Afternoon

Thank you to everyone who baked, made donations and came along today to join us raising money. 

We had a BookBug session at 2.30, which everyone from pre nursery through to secondary (and beyond!) joined in with.

We would like to offer a special thanks to the parents and staff who gave up their time to help set up and  clean up after.

The fundraising total will be released on Monday!



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