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December 14, 2023
by Mrs Hay

Nativity 2023


We had a Nativity Show on Monday 11th December.

Thank you to everyone who came along, and a special thank you to Any for taking the wonderful photographs.

We raised £67 in donations, and will share this between school fund and P7s chosen charity this year, Paige’s Musical Butterflies 

October 6, 2023
by Mrs Hay
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MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who came to our coffee morning.


We raised £105 in donations to MacMillan, and £41 for our raffle. This is a grand total of £146 for MacMillan.


We also had £17.76 in donations for our home grown onions from the school garden! We will use this money for school fund. Thank you everyone!

September 5, 2023
by Rachel

Yell Show

On 2/9/23 we went to the yell show.  The big courgette we entered got 1st.                                                                   

Our tatties got 1st aswell.

There was a few nice animals aswell. Like dogs, cats, rabbits, ponies, and sheep. I bought some nice coconut ice and took it home. Before the yell show, we were digging out the tatties.

We shined up the vegetables with olive oil before putting them in to the yell show. We managed to have lots of tatties.

February 14, 2023
by Hope Margaret
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Coffee Morning

Today the 14/2/23 we had a coffee morning. On Monday had to decorate, make posters, hand out invites, find some recipes to make, bake fancies, some of our school baked at home and that’s what we did to prepare. Today we did what we planned we set up table cloths on the tables, put out the decorations, made Valentines  day cards, welcomed our guests, gave out raffle tickets, got donations, after the coffee morning we had to clean every thing up. The reason we got a donation box was for the P7 and P6s is for there Loch Insh trip. We counted the donations and the money from the raffle we counted up the money and we got 1051.99£!

January 27, 2023
by Lily
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Burravoe Schools Burns Night

On Wednesday Burravoe school had a Burns night at the hall. After we got in and put our jackets away, me Andrew and Filip did half of address to a haggis then Mr peter wood played the bagpipes out but it was kind of a mess because first we didn’t do the full pome and Filip went the wrong way so it was a mess but the rest of it when smoothly everyone did there pomes and reply to the boys and everything went smooth.


Photo credits – H Robertson

November 15, 2022
by Mrs Hay

Bonfire night is a great success!

On Saturday last weekend the Guy Fawkes bonfire night happened, I personally think that it went well the firework display went well and nobody got hurt. The bonfire also was great and warmed everybody up and it burned for a good long time.

Also, an important thing to mention was that this year Burravoe school donated £50 of their yell show money to give, to buy more fireworks for the display.

If you would like to know more about the upcoming events in Burravoe please visit the burravoe school website. Here is the link https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/sh/burravoeprimaryschool/

Also here is our twitter as @burravoeps

September 23, 2022
by Rachel

Tom Percival

On 22/9/22 we went to mid yell early to see Tom Percival. He is a author and an Illustrator. He read one of his books called perfictly normal Norman. It was a good book. He tought us how to draw really well is to keep doing it! He also showed us him making an apple charectar.  He showed us how to change the expressions on our drawings faces by just the eyebrows and the mouth. He also sung a song in front of us. This is it. we made a story with him about a lion and a frog. the song is about the story.

September 15, 2022
by Filip

Gloup visit Blog

Gloup and Cullivoe visit 

Today I cycled to school and went inside. Everybody was getting ready for a visit to the Gloup memorial, this was because we have been doing some local history topic. Soon me and everybody else were ready to go with our snack. Although we also needed to drive to Gloup so we all sorted each other into all the cars, I went in Mrs Hays with Thorfinn. The drive to Gloup is about a 35 min drive, we also passed Mid yell and Cullivoe on the way. Eventually we got close to the Memorial then walked about 200 meters and soon we were all reading the names on the statue. The Gloup Memorial Is a statue of a woman holding a baby looking out to sea, and this is because on June 20th, 1881, the Gloup disaster happened. What the Gloup disaster is, is every year (they stopped doing this after the Gloup disaster) there was something called the Half fishing, basically one week they choose a bunch of good sailors and fisherman and the next they might already be taking there Sixareens (boats for six people) down to the beach and rowing away into the deep sea they also went about 40 – 60 miles out. The year that this happened they decided to do the Half fishing at Gloup so on that morning of the 20th of June they set out they also believed that it would be a nice day but far out there was a big, big storm. Only some men survived but most didn’t, and all the boats were severely damaged. That day a lot of families and children were left without dads and maybe even older brothers. After a Quick recap of Mrs Hay telling us what happened, we ran down the hill to the beach where once the men had laid their boats ready for the Half fishing. Later we also had a small visit to Cullivoe school for snack and a play, we stayed there for about an hour we also talked a bit more about the Gloup memorial. Then we left and got back to School. 

September 1, 2022
by Mrs Hay

Sailing on the Swan

We had an amazing sail on the Swan this morning. Maggie and her crew took us out from the marina and we sailed around the ness.

We learned about the sails, the different ropes, how to coil them (always go with the sun!) and even how to tie some knots.

A basking shark came along and we got to sail along watching him swim.

June 24, 2022
by Mrs Hay

Voar Project

We have been involved in a Treòir | Voar | Virr project along with Cullivoe Primary – this has been a great way of exploring our local environment and sharing how we feel about our home.

Jenny and Freya have helped us, and edited together our song, photographs and film to create the final product!



April 25, 2022
by Mrs Hay


Today we went for a visit to Giggleswick and met Heidi the Highland Coo and a calf called Baby.

We all had a go at feeding Baby.

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