Burravoe Primary School

April 25, 2022
by Mrs Hay


Today we went for a visit to Giggleswick and met Heidi the Highland Coo and a calf called Baby.

We all had a go at feeding Baby.

March 9, 2022
by Mrs Hay

Health and Wellbeing Census

Shetland Islands Council is planning to ask all pupils in P5 to S6 to take
part in a survey about their health and wellbeing. The findings will help
Shetland Islands Council to understand the needs, strengths and
possible concerns of children and young people, which will help plan
future improvements to local services. Parents will receive a letter
providing more detailed information about the Census, and the
opportunity to let us know if they do not wish for their child to take part.
For more information please visit: www.shetland.gov.uk/schools

March 7, 2022
by Filip Poniecki

The lonely Tree (100 wc)

The lonely Tree 

Benty was a boy who loved forests, but one of the forests close to where Benty lived was his absolute favorite. That night Benty didn’t what to go camping in the forest because his dad was coming home, and Benty thought that his dad might be tired. Then 15 minutes before Benty’s dad was meant to come home Benty’s mam told him he had to go to the forest to camp. Benty was angry, he felt lonely because his dad was not there. Then a tree hugged him, and he hugged the tree then he was stuck on the tree 2 minutes later he realized he couldn’t move. 

February 18, 2022
by Kaitlyn Lyth

Botty’s Adventure

One night there was a robot her name was Botty.  She had an underground house and the walls were brick.  It had a carpet the colour of the carpet was blue. She had a bookshelf she had a campfire it was very hot in there.  Her bedroom was very hot too. it was very empty in there because she didn’t have a lot of money but she had a teddy. 



She went outside and she looked around and she saw a cave. She went in slowly and she saw a golden medal and it was a trap. She fell in a hole and was very scared and the hole was wooden. She  said I need to get out and she looked up. Someone else stole it.   It was so sad. but when she went home the man was there. and Botty said look over there and he looked and Botty stool it back and Botty got 1ooo ooo.

February 16, 2022
by Filip Poniecki

Our Walk 16/02/22

Today we walked to Littlester Loch. First we set off with our water proofs and gloves and wellies.

This is a photo just before we left the school. It was a mystery walk we did not know where we were going. First we walked towards the Littlester Loch, then we got to the top of the hill and then we went down we looked and we heard the stream it was pretty loud we listened to it for quite a while. Then we walked on to the hall and stopped for a bit it started getting a little hotter because it was really nice weather that day then we walked past Lily’s house we all stepped in some icy puddle’s then we reached the Loch. We went a bit further then we went on the grass and down to the lake. Then just a little bit further we could see ice on the Loch we ran through the grass then picked up some ice. I skimmed the ice on the Loch when the ice hit the ice on the Loch it made a cool sound. Here is the photo of me skimming a big piece of ice. After we got back we had snack outside I had half an apple we were talking about were our milk and water was but then Laura came with Hot Chocolate it was yummy.

February 16, 2022
by Lily Smith

Outdoor Learning

Today we went Littlester loch in Yell we also went Jennifer’s house and saw her hens and plants. There was seven people in the school that walked there. In the loch there were wild sea/water birds like ducks and swans. We got exactly ninety photos we also found cool ice pieces and nice sheep. There was kind people and cold people and a lot of nature. We could see reflections in the water.

February 4, 2022
by Rachel Coutts

Tin can Robots

On 31/1/22 we made tin can Robots. Mine was the tallest. My tin can robot had five eyes and two of them pop up. It has two arms, four wheels, two springs and one button of infinaty. I wrote a story about my robot too.

January 14, 2022
by Mrs Hay


After days and days and days of wind and rain, it was clear and still, so we headed out to Wester Ayre to see what the wind had left on the beach.

On the way we found the salmon cages, waiting to make feeding stations with the tubes. This is one of the ways old salmon cages can be recycled. Our polycrub is made of old salmon pipe. We walked around the cage balancing on the pipes.

All around were lots and lots of mussel shells, they had been growing on the bottom of the salmon cage. They attach to the ropes with their beards, that’s the threads that grow out of them.

There was lots of wrack blown up on the beach, we looked for shells and sea glass.


Walking back we went past the broch and stopped to clean our mucky wellies in the puddles!



October 8, 2021
by Rachel Coutts


  • 75g Butter
  • 2 tbsp Milk
  • 1 Tbsp Syrup
  • 75g Porrige Oats
  • 75g wholemeal Flour
  • 50g caster Sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder


We were baking for a bake sale. I was in a team with Thorfinn and Karolina. We made oat biscuits.

We read the recipe.

We measured using the scales.

I mixed the dry ingredients (gluten free flour, porridge oats and sugar) and Thorfinn did the wet ingredients (Butter, oat milk and syrup).

Then we combined the dry with the wet.

Then we put the ingredients on the tray and made a biscuit shape and baked the biscuits for 10 to 15 minutes.

There was a special edition biscuit shaped as a person!




October 7, 2021
by Ms Breyley
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Macmillan Baking

We can’t have a Coffee Morning this year so we decided we we would a small bake sale to raise a little money for Macmillan Cancer Support as we have done over the years.

This morning everyone was very busy baking. We will sort the cakes and ask people to give us a donation for them tomorrow just before the end of the day. We will have to have a bake table outside so we hope it is dry!

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