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June 25, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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Robot Microbit Guitar Music

Transferring Through Rectangles
Living Room
Under the Sea with the fishatron
Green Screen
Puppy Guitar
Guitar Gangstars
The Fishy Fishatron
In the Zoo
Micro:bit Madness!
The Devil Cats

We have been working on out Micro:bit guitar project.
We started by Hacking our headphones to work with the micro:bits Microbit Guitars

Hacking Headphones

We made guitars with our artist skills and programmed the micro:bits to react to light and acceleration to make ‘Music” Micro:bit guitars part 2

We then make Robot masks, and video or still image backgrounds for our performance.

We videoed ourselves playing our guitars in from of the green screen and used iMovie to add these to our background Movies.

June 21, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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Dow’s Wood in June

We had another visit to Dow’s wood today.

Our tasks were:

  1. To take photos of flowers.
  2. Gather tinder for firelighting.
  3. Create shelters from some lost woodland ‘wee folk’.


Shelters for the wee people

May 30, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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Micro:bit guitars part 2

We have been working with our micro:bit guitars. We now control them with light and acceleration, the light controls the tone and the tempo is controlled by the acceleration.

To play the micro:bits you need to move it and control the light by waving you hand over it or putting near a light source.

Today we added two bits of tin foil on our guitars, and we will use this in the nearer future to turn it off or on.

May 17, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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K’nex Semi Final

We are very proud of two of the Biggies who reached the primary 6 semi final of the Glasgow Science Festival Creating Engineers Competition this year.

May 3, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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Weekly evaluation

This Week my best work was when we were making the cardboard guitar because I enjoy painting it and designing it as well.

This week I could have worked harder on elements of film because I could of addd more text to it.

My favourite activity this was making the fire because we got to toast marshmallows over the fire.

My least favourite activity this week was understanding expressions

Because it was the most boring activity out of all 9 of them.

I was a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN when we made the fire and jack and I were cutting the kindling for the fire because we worked safely together.

Next week I would like to check the spelling of words you are unsure of.

Add 4 emoji to show how your week went 👍⚽🎻😀

April 30, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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Finger Licking Marshmallows

Yesterday we made a fire in the fire pit and toasted marshmallows.

We cut kindling, and made fire bricks out of newspaper.

We had a fire queen and king controlling the movement in the fire circle.

We learnt to be safe with fire and knives.
We found out how to use a burn kit (we did not need it).
We had to cooperate to cut the kindling and to keep safe around the fire.
We had to be responsible for our own and others safety.
We had a safe and good time, mostly burning our marshmallows.

Post text provided by the Biggies.

March 29, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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What We Did At The Woods

Yesterday the Banton Biggies went down to Dow’s wood in groups, we did three challenges. The first one we had to find signs of spring, the second challenge we had to find nouns and write as many adjectives for them and the third challenge was to find symmetrical things and make a symmetrical pattern.

For signs of spring we looked around the area and found: daffodils, buds, 3 species of bee, and other things.

While we were looking for them we went over to the big rocks and started our next challenge and we went to find nouns in our groups. When we all finished we met up at the rocks. We walked all the way to ‘the school wood’. For the last challenge we done some symmetry for maths. After we walked back to school.

March 29, 2019
by The Banton Biggies
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Dow’s wood wildlife

Yesterday we went to Dow’s wood and we saw so many different creatures and signs of creatures. These were the creatures we saw.

Things we saw
• Bees
• Beetles
• Millipede
• Centipede
• Ladybug
• Spiders
• Earwig
• Earwig eggs

Signs we saw and heard

• A woodpecker pecking
• Rabbit fur
• Seeds that have been eaten

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