Class Blog

On Monday we started by doing division in maths work. The primary 7’s did friends for life, while the primary 6’s stayed and did S.R.E. At the end of the day we did music. On Tueday we did maths, after lunchtime we went to gym and we did tag rugby in the rain, and at the end of the day, like always, the primary 7′ went to the p7 classroom and did friends for life and the p6’s did S.R.E. On Wednesday we started by doing maths.After playtime the p7’s did friends for life,and the p6’s did S.R.E as always. And at the end of the day we did Art. The primary sevens have been doing their friends for life topic for quite some weeks, and now we are finished with it. Our class has recently been shown a music software called Aviary, when you pick your music style and make intros, loops and endings.We have been working in trios on the schools net books, and we have been using scratch to make our own video games, and we have been using Aviary to make the games music.