Building the great hall

This week we have been making a fire place,great door,bricks, and fripperies. We also made knights and there are four of them.  We had to follow instructions to make simple shapes like squares and ovals. We had to measure them different sizes.

To make the great door we used cardboard and paper. We painted the cardboard brown and the paper grey. The cardboard is brown  because we are putting that on the door to make  a great door and the bricks are for the out side of the door. We are putting the bricks out side the door so it look like the out side of a castle door.This is a

link for a great castle. We have also made portraits and made the frame with cardboard and coloured the picture with oil pastels. 

Mr McLaren showed us a website called Soundation.  We are going to make music to play when our guests come to visit the Magic Castle.

7 thoughts on “Building the great hall”

  1. WOW! Thanks for this very imformative blog, it sounds like you’re having geat fund learning about all this? I had never heard of a frippery before. . . and thanks for the great tips such as Soundation and Voki elsewhere on your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi P6/7,

    I have been following your blog since January and am really intrigued by the transformation of your classroom.I’m sure you have learned so much and had great fun at the same time.I wish learning had been like this when I was at school! I didn’t know what fripperies were and had to follow your link to find out more.I love the idea of the secret panels. I bet there are some great stories behind them. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Lots of good things going on P6/7 though I think the castle builders need to get a move on to get all your fabulous work up and displayed!

    I am all for fripperies!

  4. Thank you very much for commenting on our blog. Right now we are going to be comparing childrens lives today to those who lived in medieval times.

  5. This is a great project and the class is really starting to take shape. I’ve been enjoying all the medieval facts you have been researching and have some great ideas for our remaining wall and windows.

  6. I was very impressed when I visited your Great Hall today. Well done P6/7, your classroom looks superb! I’m sure all of your visitors will be very pleased when they pop along to the Open Evening on Thursday. 🙂

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