The Magic Castle

Hello! On Monday we started our new topic called The Magic Castle.

 On Monday we started making the paneling for the wall. We painted pieces of paper brown then we painted knots on the paper with black paint to make the paneling look more realistic.

On Tuesday we put more detail on to the panels with black paint.

On Wednesday we put the panels up on the wall. We also wrote an ink letter so the classroom felt and looked a little older.

On Wednesday we started making trifolds about The Secret Panel. We had to write information about the secret item that was inside the panel. We all got to make up what is inside the panel so every one’s stories will be different.

On Thursday we continued making our trifold about The Secret Panel.

Our classroom is not looking much like a castle yet but it soon will!

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Back at school!!!

Hi there! Now we are all back at school working hard as normal! We all enjoyed our Christmas! We hope you enjoyed yours. This week we are doing a project on the weather. We have built a weather station that has a compass, a thermometer and  a rain measure. We have built it to record the weather. We have made a DOMO animation >>>click here<<< to watch. >>>Click here<<< to watch one of our class mates animations!Here is a photo of DOMO edited in any making! Domo is a fun website where you can make fun and silly animations! You can also make slide shows! Our teacher has given us weather related homework. We have to watch two weather forecasts and write down what our regions weather should be. We are bringing our homework back on Friday and we will discuss if the weather forecast was correct or not!Thanks for reading our post!