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Our class assembly

On Monday 27th September it was our class assembly.It was about the p7’s visit to Ardeonaig and Activity Week that took place in school. At Ardeonaig there were 4 groups-Lochy,Ness,Morlich and Tay. At Ardeonaig the p7’s took part in Gorge walking, high ropes, low ropes, an adventure walk, orienteering, archery and a treasure hunt. Every night the p7’s watched a bit of Marley And Me before they went to bed.They also had to say grace before every meal because Ardeonaig is a Christian centre. Every morning we were wakened by this song jitterbug coming throught the speakers!

The rest of the class enjoyed Activity Week in school.We visited Rosemount Farm in Blairgowrie which is owned by the Cooperative.We learnt about what crops they grew and we made healthy pizza’s.Here is a picture of one we made out of material. We went on Zooburst and Kerpoof. Another activity we did was drama. We went through the alphabet with a partner and guessed what they were acting out. We all had a great week no matter if we were at Ardeonaig or at school.

From Farm to Fork.

Wednesday. We went to From Farm to Fork. It is not a animal farm it is just a growing food farm. It was great fun,we got split into two groups, P7s and the other group was P6s. P7s first activity was making pizza. It was a vegetarian pizza. We first made the dough, then then you put the Tomato sauce over it. Then we put as much cheese over it as we wanted. Then we put the other ingredients like peppers, tomatoes, pineapple and sweetcorn. P6s first activity was going a small trip  around the farm. We saw where they plant the potatoes. They have wildlife space beside the potatoes. Did you know.  They are  Britain’s largest farmer so they have stores all over the country, so they  have a responsibility to the people who eat there  food :).  By that time we had to go back to get the others. By the time we got back it was time to swap over.At the end they gave us 2 books, one was all about where your food comes from. The other one was a a-z of food and farming facts. Looking forward to posting again. 😀