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This weeks blog post is about our class novel Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors.    So far we have only read chapter 1 and so far it sounds like a good book so it should be good through out the book.  This week’s homework is maths but also we have to research about any castle in the world and  bring  back 6 facts for Friday so we will see on Friday all the facts. Mine was on Edinburgh castle .


9 thoughts on “This weeks blog!”

  1. I am realy looking forword to the next chapter of charlie bone. I would like you to tell me more about charlie bone in your next blog post,i am looking forword to it.

  2. I am also enjoying reading the novel. It is very interesting and I too can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  3. I think that the Magic Castle is a great theme and you will be amazed how it all comes together as your displays build up on the classroom walls.

  4. Charlie Bone is turning out to be a captivating novel. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might happen next? Good idea adding the link to the website!

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