This week’s blog post

This week we were not at school on Monday because it was a  bank holiday . When we got back on Tuesday we done maths and we made frogs in the activity zone .After break the p7s went to Mrs Cairns class and we started a project called Friends for life while the p7s were in Mrs Cairns class the p6’s were doing something called Feel think do.Then it was lunch time after lunch we went to gym. At gym we done the long jump and the high jump to see how high and long we can go . Mrs Grossart was looking to see who would be good for the wee county sports. After gym the primary 6 stayed in class and done feel think do and primary 7’s went to primary 7 and done friends for life. When the primary 7’s were in Mrs Cairns class they  had a little practice of the leavers assembly song it is Raise your glass by Pink.

On Wednesday the primary 7 went back to Mrs Cairns class and done Friends for life and the primary 6 done feel think do.Friends for life is you talk about our feelings and other stuff .Feel think do is you talk what makes you safe.Then we were having break after break we went back to the classes we were in before break until lunch after lunch we went back to our original class and we all done maths until 2pm and then we got the laptops until home time.

We have made a glogster about the week to >>Click Here <<

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