Hello from Primary 3S

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Flat Stanley is visiting us this year.  You can read his blog at:   https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/an/FlatStanleyandtheP3SSuperstars/ 

Mrs Stewart

Hello. Thank you for visiting our blog. This was the blog of the Primary 3S Superstars and their teacher, Mrs Stewart, in 2010/2011.

BLOG UPDATE (14th August, 2012)
Mrs Stewart has Primary 2 this year (2012) and a new blog.
We will be updating shortly so keep checking back!

The P3S Superstars

We were voted joint third in the Education Blog Awards 2011. The judges said “A lovely and powerful view into the world of the P3 Superstars documenting their learning journey from toothpaste advertising to cliff rescue!”

37 thoughts on “Hello from Primary 3S”

  1. I have just been looking at your wonderful blog. It is fantastic. I especially like your Abbey visit photos.

  2. Wow, this is fabulous! This topic has really caught the imagination of the children and I can’t wait to see Flat Stanley at my house. Well done P3S and Mrs Stewart!

  3. thanks for starting up this blog it is very interesting for me as a parent to see what my child is up to. Your visit to the Abbey looked like it was lots of fun. keep up the good work

  4. Thank you for your feedback Karen. I am really hoping that the blog will help parents to feel more involved in their child’s learning. The children seem really enthusiastic too!

  5. Thanks Ian. Flat Stanley will be visiting you soon. He is a really good guest and is looking forward to his further adventures in Arbroath.

  6. Thank you for your comment Mrs Smith. Look out for more photos. Stanley is going to be very busy!!

  7. Pictures are really good, this is a great way of showing us as parents,what our children have been involved in. keep up the good work Mrs Stewart and i look forward to seeing more of your covered topics.Well done p3.

  8. Pictures are great, this is a great way of showing us as parents what our kids have been doing..look forward to seeing more of your topics that you have got organised.Well done Mrs Stewart+P3

  9. Fantastic!!! Well done Mrs Stewart.There is so much information on your blog and the photographs are smashing. It would be great if more teachers could produce a similar blog and give more parents the chance to view their childs experiences in an informal way.
    P3 truly are * SUPER STARS *
    Mrs C 🙂

  10. This is a such a good way to keep up to date with what some of the children are doing at Warddykes Primary! The photos are lovely and the children all look really happy.It would be great if more or all the classes had the same.Well done Mrs Stewart for doing this.Look forward to joining you on future trips.Lets hope they are not as wet as today!!

  11. Thank you Mrs Small. We dried out eventually!! Thank you for joining us on our trip – it was very kind of you to volunteer!

  12. Hi Superstars,
    I really enjoyed looking at all the new things on your blog when I got home today.Your afternoon spent with Mr Tollerton looked very interesting and this weeks superstars looked chuffed to bits with their certificates.Keep up the good work guys, c u soon.
    Mrs C :)xxx

  13. What a great website! Its a very informative website for parents to follow what their children are doing. I have two children, one in P2 the other in P5 at a school in the West of Scotland and I would be delighted if I could follow my childrens activities on a website such as this.
    A lot of work and dedication is involved in setting up such a site and you must be applauded for this.
    Well done Mrs Stewart!

  14. Hello

    We enjoyed looking at your website. We are from a school in Shetland in a Island called Yell.
    I am in P3. we have 11 childern in our school.We have lots of wildlife around Yell. we have no trees but we do have killer whales. We have no traffic. We are not a big city. We are a villge.

  15. Hello Mia. Thank you for posting on our blog. Our class will be very excited to hear about your killer whales!!

  16. Hello Primary 3S
    Your blog looks great! I’m a primary teacher in Switzerland. At the moment I’m teaching a class of 6 to 9 year olds. It’s very interesting to see what you are up to in your class. I love your symmetrical monsters. They’re great!
    Our 9 year old kids just started learning English last month. So maybe they can already understand a bit of what you write! If you like, visit our blog. It’s in German, but there are many pictures, too.
    Thanks for sharing your blog.

  17. Thank you for looking at our blog. We are really excited that classes in other countries are looking at our blog. We will have a look at your blog in class next week.

  18. Wow, what fabulous pictures today. I especially like the symmetrical monsters you made using the computers what a clever idea.
    Your visit to the lifeboat station looked like loads of fun.I bet Stanley was delighted with his life boatman outfit, I think he looks ready for any emergency at sea.
    Isn’t it great that you are getting messages from other countries. Maybe Mrs Stewart could organise a trip to Switzerland. Don’t forget me though, all that scrummy chocolate yum yum!
    Big smiles from Mrs C 🙂

  19. Thanks for your comment on our Blog. We added you to our Blogroll as well. We\’re on holiday now, so our Blog is taking a break as well. But we\’ll be back with news from Class 123a on October 18th.

    Have a great time, Miss Alder.

  20. Dear 3PS,

    Your blog is GREAT!

    I’m Rhiannon from 2KMblog.globalstudent.org.au/ at leopold primary School, I am Eight years old.

    I hope to see much more Great postas like this one! I would love to start a very special blogging friendship with you!!!

    I also have a blog visit,
    rhiannonb.globalstudent.org.au/ Please leave a comment!

    I would like to hear from you, and maybe one day we could skype!!!

    Keep Up the GREAT work!

    Your New Blogging Buddy,
    Rhiannon. (2KM)

  21. Dear 3PS,

    Your blog is GREAT.
    I’m Ashleigh in 2KM Blog vist the blog.

    I live in Victora and that is in Austraila.
    I also have a blog and this is the link to my blog Ash’s Blog please leave a comment.

    I hope we could Skype one day. 🙂
    I love it one I meet new people.

    Keep up the GREAT work.

    Your new blogging buddy,
    Ashleigh 🙂

  22. Hello Ashleigh. Thank you for posting on our blog. It is great to hear from children in other countries. I love your blog too and it really helped to look at brilliant blogs like yours when we were trying to set up our own. This is our first year of blogging. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  23. Thank you Rhiannon for your lovely comments. We are very excited to hear from you. It is very early in the morning here in Scotland but I will ask my children to look at your blogs this week and try to leave you some comments. Looking forward to keeping in touch.

  24. Hello

    I have been looking at your blog and I love it :)! I can’t beleve that you have 28 comments!!

    From Mia xxx

  25. Hi Mia

    Thank you for posting on our blog. I enjoy looking at your school’s blog and reading all your posts. I really liked your models of the Lewis Chessmen that were posted last week. Keep in touch!

  26. Dear Mrs. Stewart and her Superstars,
    We received your postcard the other day. Thank you so much- Logan. It must be so nice to be near the water. Do many students have boats? I wish I had a boat. We will have to look at google earth next week and locate your town. If you get a chance visit our blog http://teacher102.edublogs.org/.

    You have a great blog. It is fun to visit and get to know classes around the world. Have a great day.
    Mrs. Lynch in Quebec, Canada

  27. Hello Mrs Lynch

    Thank you for getting in touch to let us know you had received our postcard. I am afraid none of us have boats. Most of the boats in the harbour belong to fisherman. It used to be and still is an important industry in Arbroath. We are on holiday for two weeks but we will stop by your blog soon.
    Mrs Stewart and the Superstars

  28. Dear P3S Superstars,

    Hi, I’m Sydney and I am from the blog called Techie Kids. Welcome to the group of bloggers! Wow! I bet Scotland is way different from where I live. I live in Michigan. In Michigan we have the Great Lakes. We got your postcard in the mail.

    Your postcard buddie,
    Techie Kids

  29. Hello Sydney. Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you liked our postcard. We are really enjoying receiving ours in the post. Speak to you again soon. The Superstars

  30. dear P35 Superstars,

    I am Alexia,from the blog of Techie Kids. I see you and your students live in Arbroath, Scotland. That must be far away from where we live,we live in Michigan! Our blog has a challenge, making contact with other classes around the world,I also see you are doing that too! Would you be willing to help us with our projecet?

    Talk to you soon,
    Alexia a Techie Kid

  31. Hello Jordan. I’m glad you like our lighthouses. Thank you for commenting on them! What are you working on just now? Mrs Stewart

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