We'll be growing some of these!

A wee group of us went over to the allotment at lunchtime with Mrs Stewart and Mrs Finlayson. We dug another trench and planted some more potatoes.

We are really excited because the raised beds are going to be built next week.

Ready for work.
Working together.

2 thoughts on “Allotment”

  1. You have all been working hard! We haven’t begun any digging yet and it will be a while before we put our tatties in. What are you going to grow in your raised bed do you think? We have had problems with rabbits digging holes in some of our beds over the winter; I hope you don’t have any!

  2. Hello Ms Breyley. We have bought lots of seeds and are hoping to grow a variety of things! We are hoping the raised beds will stop any rabbits from having a nibble but you never know!

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