Postcard Project

A walk in the sunshine to post our cards.

We have joined a new postcard project where we can send and receive postcards all around the world.

It was started By Mrs Leakey and her class in New Zealand. Click here to go to her class blog and read more about it.

We started receiving postcards very quickly after we had joined the project. So far, we have had postcards from our friends at Burravoe PS in Shetland, Hawaii and other American states, Canada and Australia.

Today, we posted cards back to all these classes and some more to those on the list such as Russia and New Zealand.

Some of the postcards we have been sent.

We used all this postcard activity to discuss the ways in which postcards differ from letters and looked at the layout and features of a postcard. We practised writing postcards to tell people all about Arbroath.

This postcard was to the band AC/DC.

9 thoughts on “Postcard Project”

  1. Thank you very much for our postcard which arrived at my house today. We have just started our spring holiday so the postie brings the school mail to my house when the school is closed. The handwriting on the card is beautiful well done! Its an interesting picture of an important part of Arbroath too. I like Arbroath smokies and had some in a pate when I was in Dundee last week. I went through Arbroath on the train to get to Dundee.

  2. Thank you for letting us know you have received your postcard. We liked yours too. We are not on holiday until next week. Have a lovely holiday.

  3. Dear Mrs. Stewart and P3S Superstars,

    Your fantastic teacher just visited our Techie Kids blog, so I just had to come over and visit you as well. It looks like you are doing a lot of exciting things in Scotland! Congratulations on being nominated for the blogging award! That is a very big honor. We are just getting started with the Postcard Project . Our first postcard arrived last Thursday. We are anxious to start mapping out each school’s location. It will be very exciting for our students to find the P3S Superstars on the map. I think that your large, labeled postcard is a great way to focus on the elements of this writing style. Would you mind if I shared this example with my students? I think they’d appreciate the visual. 🙂 I am looking forward to learning with all of you!

    Your new friend,
    Mrs. Moore
    Techie Kids
    Michigan, USA

  4. Hello Mrs Moore. Thank you for visiting our blog. we love to here from other classrooms around the world. We would love to share our postcard reminder with you – we can even send one to you if you like!!! Looking forward to keeping in touch. The Superstars

  5. Dear Mrs. Stewart and P3S Superstars,
    It is so exciting to see the postcard from Seattle on your blog! We look forward to receiving your postcard sometime soon!
    I see you have been nominated for a very exciting blogging award! Congratulations to all of you.
    We have added your class to our blogroll. We have a library blog, so when you visit you will find out about what we do in our library classes, or what we are reading. If you have a book suggestion for us, please leave us a comment and let us know!
    Keep Reading!
    Mrs. Hembree and the Bulldog Readers

  6. Hello Mrs Hembree

    Thank you for visiting our blog and thank you for sending us a postcard. We are very excited to be in touch with so many classrooms around the world. We will try to think of some good books we can recommend to you. We are hoping to keep in touch! The P3S Superstars

  7. Dear Mrs. Stewart,

    I agree! We love to get comments from classes around the world too. Thank you for giving us permission to use your postcard reminder. If you’d be willing to send us one, we’d really appreciate it! Receiving your postcard from Scotland was very exciting! Another piece of mail from you would be icing on the cake. 🙂 You can watch for a postcard to arrive from Michigan, USA. The Techie Kids have dropped one in the mail to you! It was sent on March 31st. I wonder how long it will take to arrive…

    Your postcard pal,
    Mrs. M❀❀re

  8. Hello Mrs Moore

    We are on holiday for 2 weeks but we will send you some more post just as soon as we get back!!

    We will look out for your postcard arriving although it still might come while we are on holday.

    Hope to speak to you again soon, Mrs Stewart and the Superstars

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