Postcards to America

Walk on Wednesday

We have finally managed to get all our postcards for America ready. While we were out for our Walk on Wednesday we stopped by the postbox to send them.

We have had about 20 postcards from different American States but, since there are 50 altogether, we are still waiting on a few to arrive!

We have also joined another postcard project where we will be able to send postcards to different parts of the world.

Sending the postcards.

2 thoughts on “Postcards to America”

  1. Hello from Australia, P3S Superstars!

    We’re in the postcard project too! Fareena in our class has written you a postcard, and we’ll be sending it soon!

    We’ve only received one postcard so far, and it was from Sydney. We’re looking forward to receiving more!

    Have you received any postcards from Australia yet?

    We’d love for you to come and visit our blog – we’re just starting out! The address is

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    From 3/4G
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hello Miss Goodey and 3/4G.

    We have just joined the postcard project but we will be sure to send you a postcard soon! We will check out your blog at school tomorrow. Good luck with your blogging and thank you for visiting. P3S Superstars

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