More toothy activities!

This term we will be concentrating on non-fiction writing. Today, we wrote our own instructions for brushing our teeth. We spoke about the importance of making sure our instructions are written in the right order.

In the afternoon we learned about the structure of a tooth. We learned that the outer layer is called enamel, the layer under that is called dentine and the middle is very soft and called pulp. We made our own paper models of the layers of the tooth and labelled them.

Concentrating on the tricky bits!
The inside of a tooth.

Here is a good website for learning about the structure of a tooth.

6 thoughts on “More toothy activities!”

  1. love reading all the things P3 get up to in class, you are all so busy I don’t know how you get it all done. The tooth project looks fun. Keep up the good work P3

  2. We are going to the dentist on Friday if Flat Stanley wouldd like to come we will be leaving at 11.30 and will hopefully be back for 1.30 – as our dentist is in Dundee. Hope Flat Stanley can make it .
    Mrs Cargill

  3. Hello Mrs Cargill. Yes, Stanley has been complaining of toothache for a wee while now. I think he has been eating too many of the sweeties out of my special cupboard! It would be great if you could take him for a checkup.

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