Instructions and leaflets

This term we are concentrating on non-fiction writing and the features of non-fiction books. In the morning we worked in groups to write instructions for the bird feeders we made on our special Eco day. This group worked really well together and produced a super set of instructions. They reached all the writing targets by numbering their instructions and writing about the steps in order, including all the important information while making sure it made sense and using bossy verbs. Well done!

In the afternoon we discussed some of the features of non-fiction books using our library topic books about Antarctica. We looked at the contents page and the purpose of a glossary. We also looked at how the cover might differ from a fiction book.

We then began to make leaflets about Antarctica. We chose penguins to decorate the cover of the leaflet. We will finish these over the coming weeks.

Some of our leaflets.

Properties of 3D shapes

We are great at naming 3D shapes but thought we could be a wee bit better at describing their properties. Today we worked in groups to make mind maps about 3D shapes and their properties. We then described them to the rest of the class.

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