Letters to Santa

Our letters are ready!

Today we wrote our letters to Santa. We are learning the correct layout for a letter and how to address an envelope correctly. We also had to remember to use our best handwriting and spelling as Mrs Stewart said Santa is very fussy about these things! After we had finished we went to post them. We will be checking our post at home every morning for our replies.

5 thoughts on “Letters to Santa”

  1. I agree with Mrs Stewart that Santa is fussy about handwriting; he has so many letters to read he needs it to be an easy job! If your letters are as good as your envelopes he’ll have a great time reading yours :)It looks as if you have as much snow as we do; I hope it doesn’t slow up mail deliveries.

  2. Hello Mrs Breyley. We are hoping to get our replies from Santa soon and hope the snow doesn’t hold the deliveries up. Our snow is just beginning to melt but there is supposed to be more snow on Monday!!!

  3. I love that everyone is getting to write letters to Santa and learning at the same time. Great photo of Shannon. I love going online every week to see what everyone has been getting up too. Wish all teachers did this.

  4. Thank you, Mrs Sibbit, for taking the time to leave a comment on our blog. It is nice to know that you are enjoying looking at it. We hope that you get your reply from Santa soon!

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