Snowflake Art on Friday

Hard at work making the snowflakes!

This has been a really hectic week with all the practices going on for our Christmas school shows. Nevertheless, as we are an art loving class, we still managed to fit in some this week.

We made these pictures by cutting out snowflakes from white paper and sticking them on to black card. We then used our oil pastels to draw snowflake shapes in the negative space. We then added some sparkly details with glitter glue. Right now we are waiting for the glue to dry but we think they will make a fantastic display next week.

All finished!

A selection of pictures.

2 thoughts on “Snowflake Art on Friday”

  1. We’ve just returned to school after nearly two weeks off because of the snow! We’ve been practising for our Chirstmas Concert too, but still managed to find some time to make snowflakes during Maths as part of our symmetry work.

    We think your snowflakes are wonderful.

    P3 & Mrs C

  2. Thank you Dunipace. Your snow must have been really bad! Ours is starting to melt now. We are hoping we will get to play outside again soon.

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