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North Lorn Sports Day Fun – The Rainbow Games

It was Achaleven Primary’s turn to organised Sports Day this year for their school along with Barcaldine, Kilchrenan, Lismore and Strath of Appin schools. Appin kindly offered their facilities for the day. As we are a collection of schools we decided on a collection of colours for our theme – a rainbow! The pupils from Achaleven designed all the games and an active warm-up to get everyone ready. Although there was a bit of rain it didn’t dampen spirits and lots of fun was had and friendships made. You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain!! Continue reading North Lorn Sports Day Fun – The Rainbow Games

Kilchrenan Primary School Spring Festival

Friday 24th March and Saturday 25th March 10.30am until 2.30pm

Please do come in and join us at Kilchrenan Village Hall

• Art Exhibition
• Craft Sale
• Refreshments
• Music
• Table Top Games
• Face painting for Red Nose Day

PLUS: Grand Easter Raffle
Tickets… Continue reading Kilchrenan Primary School Spring Festival

Science fun resonating round Achaleven!

Gravity-defying structures, precious egg-bundles and musical mayhem were the order of the day on Tuesday when Kilchrenan and Barcaldine Primaries joined Achaleven for a celebration of science and technology as part of British Science Week.

Teamwork was required to figure out how to protect their prized eggs from damage whilst being dropped from great heights, whilst some amazing feats of architecture were created from spaghetti and marshmallows!
Continue reading Science fun resonating round Achaleven!


Following on from the successful end of term BBQ in which the pupils wanted to taste different exotic types of animals, which became known to the children as “Eating Round the Zoo”, Kilchrenan celebrated the end of the term by Eating Round the Christmas World.


Commonwealth Games on Lismore

The North Lorn Primary Schools – Lismore, Strath of Appin, Ardchattan, Barcaldine along with Achaleven and Kilchrenan from further afield, held their own Commonwealth Games on Lismore on Thursday 5th June. Calmac very kindly ran two special ferries to accommodate the 70 visiting children together with staff and parents. The Games began with an Opening Ceremony where each school representing a different Commonwealth country paraded with a flag and a banner before performing a dance or song from their chosen nation.

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Kilchrenan Primary pupils have been learning about the science of plant with Mrs Love, and now it is time to put their new knowledge into action and develop some practical science skills. They selected a range of vegetables and fruit for their new mini greenhouse: two types of tomato, strawberry, garlic, beetroot, mini cucumbers, cabbage and more. They took time to reassess the state of planters around the school. Some have been thrown out and new ones purchased and planted with differing types of plants to attract different types of insects, all to increase biodiversity in the school grounds. Continue reading SCIENCE IN ACTION

Kilchrenan Wins Rolls Royce Award

Kilchrenan Primary has been selected as a Special Merit Award Winner in the Rolls Royce Science Prize. This award, and a prize of £1000 for science teaching and learning, comes as the result of the school’s focus on science in it’s improvement plan and follows the submission of an action plan after a summer school in the National Science Learning Centre in York. Continue reading Kilchrenan Wins Rolls Royce Award

Hola! World Book Day with an International flavour at Ardchattan!

Ardchattan Primary School have celebrated World Book Day and International School Meals day with fun, food and fantastic fundraising for Mary’s Meals!
It all began six weeks ago at our Community Burns Supper when we announced the start of our Change for Mary’s Meals campaign. We have four of the blue Mary’s Meals mugs, one for each child in our school. Our target was to fill the mugs with enough small change to feed four children in Malawi for a year, a total of about £40.

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East Lorn Health and Wellbeing Conference

On Thursday 20th and Friday 21st of February P6 and 7 pupils from the East Lorn cluster(Dalmally,Taynuilt and Kilchrenan) got together for a two day health and wellbeing conference at Dalmally Community hall entitled “Changes and Challenges”
During the first day the children took part in various workshops on emotional changes, puberty, friendships and resolving conflicts and healthy lifestyles.

Continue reading East Lorn Health and Wellbeing Conference

Penguin In A Box

Kilchrenan Primary pupils are trying to work out what to do with a ridiculous number of penguins. Arriving at a rate of one a day, they are working hard to find ways to store them. Mathematical ways. If you have a cube 6×6 how many penguins do you have? How many will we have on the last day of term? What happens if we stack them in threes? And, what mathematical adventures will they have when they go home? Please note that no penguins were harmed in the making of this learning, though quite a few cubes were stood on. We all recommend the book “365 penguins”, but it does help if you have a large back of unused penguins in your janitor’s cupboard! Continue reading Penguin In A Box

Car Boot Sale at Dalmally Mart

“Dalmally, Taynuilt and Kilchrenan Primary Schools held a wonderful Car Boot Sale on Saturday at Dalmally Mart, raising over £1118 for their annual p6/7 trip to Lcohgoilhead. The sun shone on the ‘car boots’ and the stalls (causing some of the icing to slip off the cakes on the baking stall!) and a great time was had by all. The local fire brigade came along to help with the Car Wash, there was a Bottle Stall, Raffle and Baking stall as well as activities such as ‘Throw the Wet Sponge’ and a Duck Race.”
Continue reading Car Boot Sale at Dalmally Mart

Kilchrenan Walks Through The Past

Kilchrenan Primary have been exploring their Victorian heritage. With the help of Tara from Dunollie House, they have found out about a time when their village was bigger and more important than Oban, and how Oban only had one, very poor, inn for visitors.  They discovered, in Dunollie House, a great resource for studying this, and many periods on local and Scottish history. And, in Tara Coia, the Learning and Events Officer, an archaeologist with a passion and a real ability to enthuse. Continue reading Kilchrenan Walks Through The Past

Darth Vader Brought Cupcakes!

“On Halloween morning, the whole of Kilchrenan school went out for a walk.  We didn’t know where we were going.  There was lots of lovely coloured leaves on the trees.  Then we got to Taychreggan Hotel and Mr Dickie joked with us that we’d gone the wrong way.  We went into the hotel and met a lady dressed up for Halloween.  She took us into the lounge and gave us hot chocolate and goodie bags with sweeties.  Darth Vader brought us lots of cupcakes and chopped up apples.  We had our photo taken with staff from The Taychreggan who were all dressed up.  We felt amazed by the surprise and it was nice of them.”
Report by Logan, Sarah and Thom, with just a little support from Ms Stewart. Continue reading Darth Vader Brought Cupcakes!

Let’s Eat, Kilchrenan!

Kilchrenan Primary has been eating its way around the world.  Using the book, “Let’s Eat”, pupils used the experiences and cultures of other children, to reflect on their diets, life styles and skills.  They learned about the importance of breakfast, and the wide variety of foods used in celebrations.  Each stop on the journey involved a session cooking, baking and, of course, eating.

The children prepared Condensed Milk Pudding from South Africa, Salsa from Mexico, Spicy Eggs from Thailand, chocolate cake with yoghurt from France and Jamie Oliver’s chocolate cookies. Continue reading Let’s Eat, Kilchrenan!


Kilchrenan Primary took to the waters this week, making plenty of waves.  The pupils had chosen a coasteering event with Stramash as an adventurous outdoor challenge, which they met with great success.

With everybody safely equipped,and squeezed into wetsuits, they took to the rocks at Ganavan Sands, by Oban and, led by Andrew from Stramash, set out to explore and to have an adventure.  They sat watching an otter, swam in a sea taxi, scrambled across rocks, jumped from the cliffs into the sea and, all agreed, had a fantastic time. Continue reading KILCHRENAN SPLASHES OUT

Mr Cuddles’ New Home

There is a new arrival to Kilchrenan Primary’s P1 class, much to delight of one particular pupil.

During the Oban Festival of the Sea, the P1/2 class visited the Hutton Institute’s displays on windpower, the Marine Lab’s exhibition on algae and seaweed, and the land of Japan through the story teller. As part of the event, pupils were asked to suggest a name for a very desirable seal & pup soft.
The winner of the competition was Sarah MacIntyre who received her toy, Mr Cuddles, through the post on Thursday. And yes, we realise that it might be Mrs Cuddles!

Run For The Top at Kilchrenan

Kilchrenan Primary held it’s annual hill race, as part of it’s school sport’s day, on Thursday 14th June.
The pupils are challenged to run to the top of one of the three single track roads that lead to school. This challenging event, which all pupils try, tests fitness and stamina, and that has seen a noticeable improvement following the decision to hold weekly Forest Schools events. All pupils were able to regain normal breathing within 30 secs after the run. Continue reading Run For The Top at Kilchrenan

Kilchrenan Cleans Up!

Pupils from Kilchrenan Primary joined forces with an environmental team from The Blackwell Group, to give a Spring Clean to the village.

The building of a major windfarm on hills near the school has meant an increase of heavy traffic on the local single track roads. So when the headteacher, Mr Graham Dickie, approached the engineering company, Blackwells, to warn them about the children’s litter-pick, they offered to lend a hand. Continue reading Kilchrenan Cleans Up!