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Commonwealth Games on Lismore

The North Lorn Primary Schools – Lismore, Strath of Appin, Ardchattan, Barcaldine along with Achaleven and Kilchrenan from further afield, held their own Commonwealth Games on Lismore on Thursday 5th June. Calmac very kindly ran two special ferries to accommodate the 70 visiting children together with staff and parents. The Games began with an Opening Ceremony where each school representing a different Commonwealth country paraded with a flag and a banner before performing a dance or song from their chosen nation.

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Hola! World Book Day with an International flavour at Ardchattan!

Ardchattan Primary School have celebrated World Book Day and International School Meals day with fun, food and fantastic fundraising for Mary’s Meals!
It all began six weeks ago at our Community Burns Supper when we announced the start of our Change for Mary’s Meals campaign. We have four of the blue Mary’s Meals mugs, one for each child in our school. Our target was to fill the mugs with enough small change to feed four children in Malawi for a year, a total of about £40.

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Achaleven & Ardchattan join forces for Nativity

Achaleven and Ardchattan Primaries joined forces this year for their nativity play – The Very Hopeless Camel on Friday 13th December. It’s been great fun rehearsing for it at our schools over the past few weeks, and we’ve enjoyed getting together as well to practice. With the help of Mrs Barlow there have also been lots of wonderful songs to learn.

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Barcaldine & Ardchattan win an Oscar!

Over the last few months Sam Harrison of Open Ground has been working with several schools on making outdoor films. The project involved children exploring their own habitat and then when back in the classroom decide how to make and produce their own film. Sam Harrison joined each school for two days when one day was spent exploring their own landscapes and then acting out their ideas. When Sam Harrison came back for his second visit, schools then had an idea of where their film was going and all Sam had to do was film it. Continue reading Barcaldine & Ardchattan win an Oscar!

Super Samba!

There was dancing in the streets of Bonawe on Monday when Argyll’s newest Samba Band made their debut public performance!
After six weeks of hard work and fun with Samba instructor Stephen MacNally, the twelve Primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils of Ardchattan and Barcaldine Primary Schools had become adept players of the suerdo drum, tambourim, agogo bells and shaker.
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Mrs Morrison retiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Morrison was delighted (and embarrassed) yesterday when she was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers and cards for her retirement. The North Lorn Schools Co-op Head Teachers (Strath of Appin, Lismore and Ardchattan) yesterday thanked her for all your support and contribution to the smooth running of all our combined activities that we have all taken part in.
Mrs Morrison, Head Teacher is retiring from Barcaldine Primary School this summer.
We wish her well in all her new endeavours!!

Going Potty!

On the 5th of February 2013 Ardchattan Primary School went to Argyll Pottery to learn about making clay pots. They went because the topic they are looking at this term is “Change”.
When they got there, Hugh showed them how to make a jug. Then they threw pots, which doesn’t mean we chucked them around the room, it means that we made pots out of clay on the potter’s wheel. They turned out pretty good even though Jacob pressed a bit too hard and the top of his flew off!
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Red Nose Day – Barcaldine & Ardchattan Primary Schools

Barcaldine & Ardchattan Primary Schools got together for Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March.
The theme for the day was a Red Head Day with a cake stall and bring and buy stall. Lots of toys, games and books were up for grabs and many a bargain was had. The cake stall was amazing with lots of cakes, bars and biscuits for sale – and they were delicious too!!

Together Barcaldine and Ardchattan’s 20 children raised an impressive £93.15.

Primary Schools Join Forces for Annual Nativity

Barcaldine and Ardchattan Primary schools joined forces this year for their annual nativity performances in St Modans Church, Benderloch!  The nativity was called ‘It takes a Village’ which we thought was rather appropriately named.  Our Primary 7 pupils chose their own parts and then helped in the process of picking all the other characters.  Every child had a significant role to play and there was plenty of hilarity – the nativity was all in rhyme and there was joyful singing.

The silver collection at the door raised just over £50 and the children selected ‘Help for Heroes’ as their chosen charity this year.

Primary Schools join forces for Children in Need

Barcaldine and Ardchattan Primary Schools joined forces last Thursday to raise funds for Children in Need 2012.  All the children (and teachers) arrived at school in their pyjamas.  In the afternoon lots of fun and games entertained all.  The children raised £43 and Eilidh, a Barcaldine Primary pupil, raised £50 by doing a sponsored silence – which proved to be rather difficult when practising her part in the nativity play!

Mushroom Hunt

Barcaldine and Ardchattan Primary school children went along to Sutherlands Grove on Monday afternoon for a Mushroom Hunt.

Robert MacPherson kindly took us through the woods to find a variety of different mushrooms.  We found Amethyst Deceiver, Angel Wings, Jelly babies, Chanterelle, Sickener and the Common Yellow mushroom were just a few of the types we found.

We were all over Sutherlands Grove and found the mushrooms under trees, in the grass, below logs plus we found a few mushroom sticks.

Eilidh & Rianna P7