Commonwealth Games on Lismore

The North Lorn Primary Schools – Lismore, Strath of Appin, Ardchattan, Barcaldine along with Achaleven and Kilchrenan from further afield, held their own Commonwealth Games on Lismore on Thursday 5th June. Calmac very kindly ran two special ferries to accommodate the 70 visiting children together with staff and parents. The Games began with an Opening Ceremony where each school representing a different Commonwealth country paraded with a flag and a banner before performing a dance or song from their chosen nation.

Whilst parents tucked into tea and cakes provided by Lismore’s Parent Council, the children took part in field and track events to earn points for their team. The day finished with a Closing Ceremony where medals were presented to all the children before they all caught the ferry back to Oban. A huge thank you to all the staff for their help with the various events and to Rona Young who joined us for the day.

2 thoughts on “Commonwealth Games on Lismore

  1. It was a great day! Well done to Lismore and thank you for the invitation to join in with you. Everybody had a fantastic time.

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