Last singalong of the session with Connie

Hello everyone and welcome to Singalong!

Join in with all the songs and leave a comment with your favourite song.

Before we start, let’s warm up with this fabulous piece of music.  Clap your hands and move around your room in time with the music.  Try and really feel the music as you move in time. Radetsky March by Johann Strauss.

To prepare for the final Assembly on Friday let’s sing Make a Difference.

How did you get on with the signs for This is our School?
Let’s go over them again to prepare for the Assembly.



Let’s dance!

Time to relax and good bye! Have a wonderful summer. See you soon. Connie and Gordon.

2 thoughts on “Last singalong of the session with Connie

  1. Cara & Mum

    Thank you Connie and Gordon for all the music & singalong lessons. I have loved the music lessons. I make sure Mum joins in and we laugh and have so much fun singing, dancing and signing along. Cara, Pink Class

    1. Mrs Reilly Post author

      That is a lovely messaged to receive, Cara. Thank you. Gordon and I have had a lot of fun making the videos. We are really pleased that you enjoyed them so much. Connie


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