Wednesday 17th June Group 6

Good morning everyone. Lets start with Morning Circle.


Can you join in with the Music man?

On a Wednesday we have Literacy and PE. Head over to those sections on the Blog to see what has been planned.

Story: Big Nutbrown Hare is very special to Little Nutbrown Hare in today’s story. Who is the very special person or people in your life?


Sign of the Day: Go see what Lorna has planned for you today.

On Wednesday we have Art and Science. Go and see what fun activities have been organised for you to enjoy.

HWB:  In the story today we were looking at people who are special to us. On Sunday it is Father’s day and some of like to celebrate it by making cards for our Dad’s or for someone who is special to us. Why don’t you design a Trophy for someone special to you, or you could make them a card like the one shown.


That is all for today. Pop back tomorrow to see what is planned for you.


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