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17th of June, Wednesday

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Hope you are well and safe

– We start our circle time singing “hello – super simple songs” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVlcKp3bWH8

What is the day today?

Can you tell me how does the weather look like today?

It’s news time – Remember, the focus of the week is “Being Healthy”. Please share photos of your healthy habits.

 Here some of our favourite movement songs. You can use this ones or any other of your preference


Life skills – tidy up your room. Remember to put toys and games away after playing with it

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Literacy – Alphabet hunter

All you need is a

  • filler: This can be dry rice, dry beans, cooked spaghetti, sand…..
  • Scoopers are optional.
  • Alphabet Puzzle. or magnetic letters

Pour your filler into your dish. Then place the alphabet pieces into the rice and mix it up.  Ask your child what colour he found or which alphabet letter.

alphabet letters toddler activity


P.E. – go on the PE section of the blog and choose one of the activities your PE teacher posted for you.

Story – Go to story section and choose one. Tell me which one you choose

Sign of the day – Don’t forget to be practising the sign of the day with Lorna

Art – Collect up some leaves and flowers on your next walk, tie them to some big twigs and you will have your very own paintbrushes. Make  a paint!

Collect up some leaves and flowers on your next Sunday walk, tie them to some big twigs and you will have your very own paintbrushes. This kids craft is ideal for toddlers who will love experimenting with the different leaves and textures.


Science – Do you know why it rains?


Today’s focus is about how to keep your teeth clean.

Have a look at the brushing teeth sequencing below.

i can brush my teeth

I hope you have a lovely day! Stay well and safe!

Orange Class – Wednesday 17th June

Good morning to everyone.

Subah Morning GIF - Subah Morning Gm - Discover & Share GIFs

Let’s have  Circle Time.


Let’s try Lorna’s Sign of the day.  Click on the link below.



On Wednesdays we have Music with Gordon.                    Click the link below.


Now what about some movement?

Time for Maths.  Today we are doing some measuring.

Story time.  Today Giraffe asks for help.

Now, let’s catch up with Scott and see what he has been up to in the garden.                          Today Scott’s making compost.

Do you fancy doing some ICT?  Today we are taking photographs.

What about your jobs for today?  Which ones will you choose?


Time for some yoga.  Today it’s Claire from CAMHS.

Now for some relaxation

Have a wonderful Wednesday.




Wednesday 17th June Group 6

Good morning everyone. Lets start with Morning Circle.


Can you join in with the Music man?

On a Wednesday we have Literacy and PE. Head over to those sections on the Blog to see what has been planned.

Story: Big Nutbrown Hare is very special to Little Nutbrown Hare in today’s story. Who is the very special person or people in your life?


Sign of the Day: Go see what Lorna has planned for you today.

On Wednesday we have Art and Science. Go and see what fun activities have been organised for you to enjoy.

HWB:  In the story today we were looking at people who are special to us. On Sunday it is Father’s day and some of like to celebrate it by making cards for our Dad’s or for someone who is special to us. Why don’t you design a Trophy for someone special to you, or you could make them a card like the one shown.


That is all for today. Pop back tomorrow to see what is planned for you.