Music with Gordon 15 June: Secondary

What to do today

Please join in with the activities below. The more who can join in, the more fun, too. Not all of the activities are for everyone, so just do the ones you enjoy and as many times as you like.

Play along using any kind of instrument or use body percussion – clapping, tapping, clicking, stamping your feet.

Activities (links below)

  1. Hello Song
  2. Bounce and catch
  3. Old King Glory. Watch the video first to see how to do it. Then you can get join in or else watch and sing.
  4. The Rainstorm sound story: Copy the actions and sounds to tell the story of a rainstorm
  5. The Wind Blows East: Join in with the sounds and signs for this song. Also join in with the sounds and actions from the Rainstorm Sound Story, which go well with the song.
  6. Karaoke Corner: Roar by Katy Perry. Look out for more Karaoke Songs in other blog posts. Have fun!
  7. Time to move. Play the instruments along to the video or get up and dance. If you like, get a scarf to play with. This week we have two songs. The first is a song about Portobello in Edinburgh by the Jennifer Ewan Band and has a relaxed summer feel. This week’s classic is Soul Bossa Nova by Quincy Jones that was featured in an Austin Powers movie.
  8. Time to relax. This week we are listening to a song in Gaelic from the Western Isles of Scotland, a love song called Calum Sgaire, sung by Donnie Munro, who used to be in the band Runrig. Finally, a gentle piece on piano by classical/ jazz legend Keith Jarrett, who plays his version of I Loves You Porgy from Porgy and Bess by George and Ira Gershwin.
  9. Goodbye Song

Hello Song

More ideas with this video

  • If you can’t tap along, maybe a friend can tap your arm or foot for you so that you can feel the beat of the music.
  • Can you stamp your feet to the music? Can you tap your shoulders or your head? Move your fingers
  • Maybe try playing along with a shaker, or tap something that makes a sound that you like. A box of cereal?

Bounce and Catch

Old King Glory

Copy and join in: The Rainstorm sound story

Sing, sign and clap: The Wind Blows East

Sing: Roar

Time to move around or play your instrument

Chill and relax

Goodbye Song

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