PE Lesson 10th of June

Hi everyone, hope you have enjoyed your week so far. Today is a good day after all it is PE day.

For today’s lesson we are going to try a set of fun family games, so call your family and have fun.


Game 1: Pirate Ship

Roles : Chose a captain to give instructions to rest of players. All players start with 3 points. Every time a player makes a mistake loses 1 point. First to zero loses, change captain. Captains instructions are as follow:

Port – crew jump to the left (or stretch left arm).

Starboard – jump to the right (or stretch right arm).

Stern – Jump backwards (or stretch arms up).

Bow – jump forwards (or stretch arms forward).

Climb the rigging – pretend to climb a rope ladder.

Man overboard – one star jump (or move your knees)

Scrub the deck – crouching down, pretending to clean the floor (or lean forward, head or knees).


You can use as many instructions as you want from 2 to 7 to adapt your needs.


Game 2: Opposites

Roles :

Get a ball or some socks rolled in a shape of a ball. Stand in a circle with one person in the center who has the ball.

Center person says catch or drop when throwing the ball.

If catcher does incorrect movement they lose 1 of 3 points.

When you get to 0 change person in middle. You can also try new instructions – head ball, kick ball, “slap” ball…


Game 3: Bucket Rounders

Resources – 3 balls or rolled socks, a bucket, 4 markers (anything you can safely put on floor.


1 batter, 1 or 2 fielders.

Bowler (Fielder) throws 3 balls to batter who can volley, bat or kick ball away.

Fielders and batter must not move until all 3 balls are out on field.

After third ball is played batter then runs around marked space trying to return to starting point before all 3 balls have been returned to the bucket.

Is the fielder job to return balls to bucket before batter returns to starting point.


Remember to keep yourself save and be aware of surroundings. Make shore you have a safe area to play and have fun.

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