Monday, 8th of June

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Hope you are well and had a great weekend.

– We start our circle time singing “hello – super simple songs”

What is the day today?

Can you tell me how does the weather look like today?

It’s news time – Remember, the focus of the week is “Being Healthy”. Please share photos of your healthy habits.

 Here some of our favourite movement songs. You can use this ones or any other of your preference

Life skills – challenge of the week: make your own bed. Help mum or dad to make your bed.

Math – Sort and glue the different shapes in the write 2D shape. Can you remember the names of the shapes


5o - 7o ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΑ ΤΥΡΝΑΒΟΥ: ''Σχήματα παντού''



P.E. – go on the PE section of the blog and choose one of the activities your PE teacher posted for you.


Story – Watch “Row Row Your Boat” story

Sign of the day – Don’t forget to be practicing the sign of the day – if you want to send me a video then feel free

Art – Using magazine’s paper or other recyclable materials that you have in your house make a composition of your choice. It can be flowers, a friend, a house….

Cool idea for earth day and learning about recycling making a picture with items brought in or that would be thrown away.    Green Crafting with 20 Spring Crafts for Kids from @AllFreeKidsCrafts

Outdoor Learning – Take your favourite book and read outside. Enjoy the fresh air!

HWB – Are you missing a friend or a family member? Make a video call or a call to speak to them 🙂

Enjoy your day! Stay safe!

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