Virtual Prom

Good morning guys

Your job today is to choose a theme for your house party.

It can be whatever movie you like.

We can’t wait to hear what you choose! Let us know.

Have fun deciding, Kirsty and Hazel

3 thoughts on “Virtual Prom

  1. Michael Kirk

    Am gonna be avengers theme and am gonna be a new avenger called hulk the sulk cause am really bored and I miss seeing all my friends and teachers ..I hope and pray everyone of you guys are all well at this very hard time. Love and hugs to you all love Michael k…..xx

    1. Mrs Morrison

      Fab character Michael, although I can just imagine your lovely smiling face. I think all your friends are missing you too.

    2. Kirsty Reid Post author

      What a fabulous character! Not our Michael though, lol. I’ll phone him this week for a blether. 🙂


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