Gold Class – 05/06/20

2. Time for literacy and today we are thinking about words that almost sound exactly the same –  but be careful the first sound changes…can you match these rhyming words?

3.  Have a go at drawing a map of your favourite walk. If you like you can make a map of a walk that you’d like to take!

4. Snack time

5. Story time

7. Now pop over to Sign of the day from Lorna.

8. Have a look through the Pinewood recipe book Part 2 and find the recipe for scones. Find an adult to help you and get baking. I’m going to have a go too so we’ll compare them next time – don’t forget to take a picture!

9. Lunch time! Don’t forget to wash your hands.

10. ICT

  • Download Google Earth onto a device – get an adult’s permission first
  • Type in your address – ask an adult to write it down for you in CAPITAL LETTERS so that you can find the correct keys on the keyboard
  • Have a look and compare it to the map you made? Can you see anything you need to add?

11. Now pop over to Music to see what Connie has planned for you.


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