Language Skills (Secondary)

Good morning everyone,

This week we are exploring poetry!

Today’s topic (final one this week) is animals.

Activities to choose from:

Enjoy the following poems about animals (they may also give you some ideas for your own poems):


I’m a tiger

Striped with fur

Don’t come near

Or I might Grrr

Don’t I come near

Or I might growl

Don’t come near

Or I might


Mary Ann Hoberman



Look at pretty little Kitty

Gnawing on a bone!

How I wish she’d eat some fish

And leave my leg alone.

Doug MacLeod



“Who’s that tickling my back?” said the wall.

“Me,” said a small

Caterpillar. “I’m learning

To crawl.”

Ian Serraillier


Good luck!

Laura Leathem (Language and Communication Teacher)

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