PE – 3rd June 2020

Good morning everyone,

We hope you are having a good week and have enjoyed the great weather. Today is not going to be as warm so you can chose to do this activity inside or outside.

Remember before any activity we need to make sure it’s safe to play in that area. So today we might need to create a little space and need the help of an adult. 


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Today we are going to host the Pinewood Sock Golf Championship.

Equipment required:

  • 1 pair of socks
  • A target (this can be a basket, a basin, the sink or a bath (empty of course) or the Washing machine with the door open
  • Paper and a pencil to count and write down how many shots it took each player

How to:

  1. Roll 2 socks together and make them into a small sock ball.
  2. Decide on what the target will be. You can use a washing basket, a grocery bag, a washing basin, the kitchen sink (empty of course) or the washing machine with the door open.  Be creative, what else can you use?
  3. The idea of the game is to get the ball into the target in as few shots as possible.
  4. Try to create at least 3 different scenarios (Holes). Maybe starting one in the hallway, one in the living room or garden and the final one in the kitchen.
  5. if you want to really challenge yourself maybe start in one room and finish with the hole (target) in another room. For example start in the hallway and count how many shots it takes to get from your starting point until you get to the kitchen and finish with the sock ball in the washing machine.

Activity 1

  1. Clear some space to play
  2. Decide on the colour of your sock ball
  3. Make your sock ball

Activity 2

Practice the technique – Watch the video here

Find a safe space and practice your chosen technique below 10 times. Remember to count your practice swings.

  1. Technique 1 hold the sock in one hand and knock the sock out of that hand by swinging your other hand towards the sock ball and hit it out in front of you. (imagine your swinging arm is the golf club or bat)
  2. Technique 2 you can throw the ball or kick the ball (preferably throw if you can rather than kick)

Activity 3

  1. Agree on the target for hole number 1 then play and count your shots.
  2. Both players take their 1st shot and then the player furthest away from the hole goes next. This continues until both players have finished with the sock ball in the hole.
  3. Agree on target for hole number 2 then play and count your shots.
  4. Agree on target number 3 then play and count your shots.

Activity 4

  1. Add up the scores by counting how many shots each player took on each hole.
  2. The person with the lowest number wins and has become the Pinewood Sock Golf Champion.
  3. Say well done to the other players

Activity 5 – Optional

  1. Can you be creative and create your own trick shot. Maybe like the kids in their garden here?
  2. If you enjoyed this sock game you might want to try some of the other Sock Sports games.
    Sock Ball Games

We hope you enjoyed PE today!


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