Badminton Bonanza!

We have had a great time working on our badminton skills over the last four weeks.

In P1 and 2 we have learned how to hold a racket properly and how to serve. Sometimes we flick the shuttlecock to start if we find it a bit tricky! We can aim at a target and can hit the shuttlecock higher and further than when we first started! We liked trying to get it over the net and managed it quite a lot of times!

In P3 and P3/2 we have been hitting the shuttlecock even further and have enjoyed some rallies, hitting it back and forward to each other over the net too! We really like doing keepie-uppies in the free area and enjoying throwing the shuttlecock to someone else to hit back.

In P5, 6 and 7 we have been playing lots of target games and have been trying to get the best score by aiming for smaller, more specific target areas. We can confidently use forehand and backhand shots and a variety of serves to start a game. We looked at how the game of badminton is played and scored and tried out mini doubles matches.

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Life in Primary 7…………….with Parents

“Children and young people have the right to access information and they are increasingly using the internet to learn, play and socialise. It is essential that children are empowered to take advantage of the internet’s many benefits in a safe and informed way”

(United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child –  UNCRC Article 17)

This week, we had a visit from British Telecom (BT) who was telling us all about internet safety.  The workshop brought together UNICEF UK’s child rights expertise along with BT’s technological know-how around internet safety to provide information about how to safely navigate the internet, the  potential risks associated with it as well as the overall benefits technology can have on our everyday lives.  We also invited our parents into the classroom to make them more aware of the internet.

To view the above images as a PowerPoint Presentation, simply click on the first one and the screen should expand.  Next hit < or > at the side of the screen to navigate your way around the presentation.  

Mrs Mann and that cold, and the day we read the Jumble Bum

Mrs Mann had a cold last week and the children in the PM nursery  decided she would become their patient! It was such a good example of our play in the nursery we decided to put all  our ideas in our floorbook.                                                                                                               20170222_132319

We were also very excited about a book called the Jumble Bum which we had read during the week, the children became very interested with the content of the book and it was excitedly read by groups of children acting out the pages and enjoying the antics of the Jumble Bum.

20170223_113214 20170223_112909

We also created beautiful artwork of hills and rainbows.

20170223_135018 20170222_132351

Also all the dancing, listening to stories, making sure our friends were ok and wondering if a tambourine might balance on our head.

20170223_144754 20170222_135740 20170217_115758 20170223_114842

A new counting game was introduced and everyone was keen to use it, so lots of turn taking and sharing.


World Book Day is on Thursday, if any of the children wish to dress up that would be great.

Thank you to the ladies who are helping us with our library.

Also if there is anyone interested to come into the nursery to plant with the children or help  making extra outside raised beds as our space is limited where to grow food. We are also on the lookout for more pallets!



A Week in the Life of P1


When we had our learners’ conversation this week, the pupils wanted to talk about absolutely everything that we did this week!  Since it has been a while since we have given you a run-down on our curricular activities, here you go.

Maths:  mental maths counting by 2 and 5/counting and adding within 10 for our written work

Literacy:  alphabet, independent writing from a stimulus and tricky word assessment

RME:  who gave us our name and why

Expressive Arts:  a card for Mrs Martin and continued work on our ‘Beautiful Brollies’

HWB:  designing a healthy breakfast plate/circuits in the gym hall

ICT:  We learned about internet safety from the P3 assembly and the video.

Science:  the forces of push and pull

So, as you can tell, there hasn’t been an idle moment in Primary One this week!  Next week we will begin preparation for our ‘Pollination’ assembly for the school on the 10th of March.  If anyone has a spare bee or beekeeper costume, we would be grateful for the loan of them.

Have a lovely weekend.



Primary 5

This week we have moved on to a new maths topic. The topic is shape.  Some of us  were matching up different shapes to their names. We have also been improving our problem solving skills this week.  By Leah and Aidan

We have been very busy with our Titanic topic.  An activity we really enjoyed this week was creating a Titanic timeline.  We have transformed our classroom so that we feel part of the Titanic, we have portholes and a massive ship on the wall.   We will also be displaying some of the work we have been doing, like our factsheets about Captain Smith.  By Cameron and Ben

In writing we have been writing to persuade.  This week we were writing about fox hunting.  We had to write reasons for and against fox hunting and then give our own opinion about the subject.  Next week we will be writing about who we think is to blame for the Titanic sinking.  By Nur-Aasiya and Amy

A big thank you to our parents

The recent Parent Council purchases for the school have now all been delivered and given out to the children. The Pupil Council (pictured) enjoyed having a look through the resources and then presented them to their class. These resources will help extend the children’s learning across the school in Numeracy and Literacy, as well as having an effect on their Health and Wellbeing and other areas.

The kinds of resources which have been purchased include iPads and a charging / storage station, reading books for all stages across the school, maths and numeracy activities and games, and literacy activities and spelling games.

The fundraising that the Parent Council has been doing has helped pay for these resources, so on behalf of the children in the school, we would like to say a big “Thank You” to the Parent Council for organising these events and for our wider parent body for supporting the fund raising initiatives.


A Lengthy Task!

Over the last few months, P2 have been expanding their knowledge, understanding and skills to do with Measure. There has been a lot to learn about this topic and we have already covered Length, Weight and Capacity.

Over the last week or so, we took time to find out how much we could actually remember and if we could apply our knowledge. We revised what we knew about length and the children produced fantastic posters summarising their learning. It took us a long time and lots of toil to remember what we had learned as we covered this work way back before Christmas. It was even harder, however, to try to explain what we knew! We imagined we were trying to explain our learning to our penpals. This helped us focus on what was important and to make sure we included everything we needed to know. We used words and illustrations to get the information across.

This was a demanding task that required us to use all of our Learning Muscles and Thinking Skills.  As you can see, P2 did this in an exemplary way.

Have a look at our posters – can you see what we have been learning?

Planet roll call in Primary 6

This week we have been using our ICT skills to research and then write notes about the different planets in our solar system. We used the information that we found to help us to write ‘Solar roll call’ poems about all of the planets. We are going to redraft our poems on Friday and decorate them with space pictures.

East Meets West – Parent Council Event

The Parent Council organised a very successful ‘East Meets West’ event on Saturday night at the Scout Hall.

It was a fun social event which brought together women and children from the local community.

There were stalls selling perfume, candles, scarves, jewellery and lots more. There was some Bollywood style dancing, henna hand painting and delicious eastern food.

It was well attended and we would like to thank the parents who worked hard to ensure that the event was a success. Well done!

img_0626 img_0628

img_0631 img_0633