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World Book Day – Primary Three Activities

Happy World Book Day, P3 – and happy snow day!

To celebrate, why not combine a bit of them both?  Can you draw the cover of your favourite book – or the cover of the book or magazine you have been reading recently – in the snow?

If that’s too cold for you (or you’ve had enough of the snow for today), what about making a reading den?  Find a cosy corner and a blanket and cuddle up with your book!  How interesting and fun can you make it?  If you fancy some inspiration, have a look at this link:

Ask an adult at home to help you – there are some ideas for them on the website too!

Stay cosy and enjoy your reading!

– Mrs WS and Mrs Roy

Settling in with P2

Primary 2 have been settling into their new class and finding out how to be friends with their class mates through the Rainbow Fish Story.

We have had to get used to being a bit more independent and becoming more organised which is quite a big step for lots of us.

We have started the daily run and we are busy practising yoga in our PE sessions.

We plan to watch some mushrooms grow and plant bulbs for Christmas!


Working with their friends.


East Meets West – Parent Council Event

The Parent Council organised a very successful ‘East Meets West’ event on Saturday night at the Scout Hall.

It was a fun social event which brought together women and children from the local community.

There were stalls selling perfume, candles, scarves, jewellery and lots more. There was some Bollywood style dancing, henna hand painting and delicious eastern food.

It was well attended and we would like to thank the parents who worked hard to ensure that the event was a success. Well done!

img_0626 img_0628

img_0631 img_0633



Supporting your child with maths and numeracy

Thank you to parents for coming along to our PATPAL afternoon. It was a great success. The children were very excited to show their parents and extended family about what they have been doing in mathematical problem solving.

Please find a link to our i-solve booklet and our power point presentation in the section “Information for Parents” (above right).

We would also welcome parents to give us some feedback via the following link to Survey Monkey.

Click here

Please find a link below to a slideshow of photographs from our PATPAL afternoon :

PATPAL Photo Slideshow


Thank you to everyone who helped to make our PATPAL (Pupils As Teachers – Parents As Learners) session this afternoon such a wonderful success.

The P2 pupils relished the chance to work on their skills in a different format and to show the adults that attended what they have been learning.

If you weren’t able to join us today, ask your child what they were doing in the session and if they can show you some of the skills they have been learning.

In this post, you can find some of the dozens of photos we took of the session.  You can also find the hyperlink to the document named “Patpal”  that contains the instructions for each of the tasks, in case you want to have a go at home!


100_0110 100_0112 100_0114 100_0118 100_0119 100_0121 100_0124 100_0125 100_0126 100_0127 100_0128 100_0131 100_0132 100_0133 100_0134 100_0135 100_0136 100_0137 100_0139 100_0140 100_0141 100_0142 100_0143

Fund Raising Event – Parent Council

Would anyone be interested in attending this event about organising fundraising events for school funds?

We are desperately seeking a team to organise the Strawberry Fayre. Due to lack of support last year from parents it had to be cancelled. I’m hoping that won’t happen this year. Maybe this would be a good event for a team of mums to go to?

Organising Fundraising & Social Events – Broxburn Academy

This session has been designed to answer the questions we are asked most frequently on this topic. Not only will you pick up new ideas but will also to…

Money Week in Primary 3

‘Money Week’ has been fun and we have been learning about financial education.  In Bellsquarry, ‘Money Week’ is a themed week where every class does some work on issues related to money.

This involved a whole school approach to planning lessons and we linked all of the curriculum to developing our knowledge of money and finance. Primary 5 and 7 went to visit the Money Museum on the Mound and we are looking froward to going there in a few years time.

In Primary 3 we were looking at different types of coins and notes. We were able to do some problem solving by working out how much things cost and how much change we would get. We all decided that we will be much better at working out how to spend our pocket money!


100_1071    100_1070

100_1072    100_1073

Online Booking System for Parents’ Evenings

We are trialing a new online booking system for our parents’ evenings on Wednesday 2nd  and Thursday 3rd November 2016.
Parents of pre-school nursery children only should make an appointment with Mrs Quinn.
For parents of ante-pre-school children, please arrange an appointment directly with nursery staff at a mutually convenient time.  This will be an opportunity for an informal discussion on your child’s progress.

Go to<enter-your-schools-personalised-address-here>

PLEASE NOTE: You can click on the link above or type/copy and paste this address into your website browser’s ‘address bar’. Do not try to ‘Google’ this website address or use a search engine as that will not work. This is a common mistake on phones and tablets especially.

Login to see which appointments are available and select one that is convenient for you.

You will need:

  • Your child’s legal first name and legal surname
  • Your child’s date of birth

The system is live TODAY and will be open to take your bookings until Monday 31st October 2016 at 5.30pm. You can book for Parents’ Evenings as soon as you receive this letter.

Once you have logged in, we suggest you use the ‘Automated Booking’ wizard to make your appointments. You will be asked to enter your availability and choose which teachers you want to see before being shown the most efficient order for visiting those teachers on the night.

Troubleshooting Tips –  please read before booking! 

  • To login you need to enter the details we have on record for you and your child. If you have recently changed your title or surname, for example, and not informed us, we will be expecting you to login with the details we have on record
  • If you have a child called Andy, for example, try typing both ‘Andy’ and ‘Andrew’
  • The email address you enter is only used to receive a confirmation of your appointment. If the system gives you an error when you login, it will not be the email address that is the problem
  • Don’t forget to scroll down past the first evening to see dates and times for the second evening if you are making appointments one at a time
  • If you have several children to make bookings for, use the ‘Change Child’ button on the blue bar (above the school’s name) in the very top left corner of the Parent’s Booking Page to swap between your children. This does not apply to the Booking Wizard, where your children are tabbed above the teacher names

If you are unable to book at home, please call into the school office and a member of staff will help you.

P4-7 visited Polbeth and Harwood Church for their Easter Service

On Wednesday the 23rd March, we walked to the church in Polbeth. Some of the members of the church came and met us at school and walked along with us. When we arrived, we met Nanda who is our school chaplain. The church was decorated with a lovely display made by Primary 6. Nanda told us a story about Easter eggs and the chocolate egg she had actually had a proper egg yolk in it…yuk!

Primary 7 read chapters about Easter from the Bible. Primary 4 told us a story about the Easter donkey. Primary 6 read an Easter poem and Primary 5 shared with us some of their ‘egg’ words. We also sang two songs.

Here are some photos from our visit. Happy Easter to all the friends and family of Bellsquarry Primary School.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (2) photo 5 (2) photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 2 photo 3 photo

Safer Internet Week – Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is any form of bullying that takes place through online communication. Although the use of technology has changed the way that some of the bullying takes place, the core problem is the same as it has always been – as are many of the solutions.

If the child you care for receives a nasty message, regardless of whether it comes from a known or anonymous source, it is important:

* Not to respond

* To keep a copy of the abusive message – it may be needed for evidence

* To block the user from making further contact through the social media platform or app

* To report the abuse to the platform on which it took place For more advice on how to tackle cyberbullying:

This Friday 12th February, you are invited to the new Bathgate Cinema, St. David’s, George Street, where industry experts will offer practical advice on parental control settings for different devices. There will also be the opportunity to see the first ever big screen-screen showing of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) internet safety films that your children see in school.

This event is free to enter, and open to everyone, so why not invite family and friends along? For more info see