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Health and Well being

The following resources may be of help to you, during these difficult times:

There is an information book explaining Coronavirus to children.…/released-today-free-information-book-explaining-coronavirus-children-illustrated-gruffalo-illustrator-axel-scheffler

Also included is an ‘anxiety toolkit’. This includes resources for parents and carers, and children, to help manage anxiety and improve well being during the coronavirus crisis. You will find practical activities such as mindful crafts, breathing exercises and other self-care ideas, informative videos, emotional expression worksheets and helpful strategies to address anxiety.


Finally, I have attached an ‘anxiety social story’ and one that explains  Coronavirus to children.

Anxiety social story

social story


We All Fit Together…

Hello from the all-new P3 class at Bellsquarry Primary School.

We are a brand-new class made up from two sets of last session’s Primary 2 classes.  We are really excited to all be in one class and we fit together like a lovely big jigsaw puzzle.

We have been busy this week thinking about what makes a good classmate, friend and teacher as well as working on our Growth Mindset and Class Charter.  We are aiming to build a great P3 community and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

P4’s sporty week

This week we have been very active. We’ve been doing our Daily Mile and had Sports Day on Thursday.  We all tried our hardest in the different races and are really proud of our winners:

Sprint race: 1st – Alix/Finlay, 2nd Melissa/Taylor, 3rd Erin/Max S

Sack race: 1st Rebecca/Finlay, 2nd Erin/Josh, 3rd Anna/Luke

Skipping race: 1st Kaitlyn/Finlay, 2nd Alix/Max S, 3rd Chloe/Max W

Egg & spoon: 1st Chloe/Corrin, 2nd Alix/Kian, 3rd Melissa/Callum

We can’t agree which was the hardest race, but it was either the sack race of the egg and spoon race – we either kept falling over or kept dropping the egg!

We’ve enjoyed meeting our new teacher in our new class and now are really looking forward to next year. We know that next year we have got the Inventors Challenge, a Titanic topic and our teacher is going to get married over the summer, so instead of Miss Scales we will be calling her Mrs McElhinney!

Well done to Alix for helping write this week’s blog!

Primary 4 Health Week

This week we had health week, with loads of different activities – we are all exhausted!

Taylor: Health Week was amazing

Corrin: We had lots of fun with the big ropes at Boot Camp

Max W: I had fun with the big plough at Boot Camp

Ellie H: I liked Boot Camp – the tyres were really fun

Ava: I took 117 photographs in one day!

Melissa: I enjoyed Astro gymnastics the most

Evan: I loved Destination Judo

Finlay: I liked the judo because I got to flip Corrin over

Callum: I enjoyed tennis because I liked the keepie-uppies

Nathan: I enjoyed judo

Mia: I liked Astro because we got to do flips and cartwheels

Sam: I liked the football

Luke: I liked the judo because I learned lots of new moves

Thomas: I liked dancing

Josh: I liked the judo because we got to fight and I beat Mr Todd

Aiden: I liked judo because I got to pin Callum

Alix: I liked the dancing because I’m good at hip hop

Rebecca: I liked Dance Ihayami because it was relaxing

Katie: I enjoyed Boot Camp because I found I could flip the tyre on my own

Kieran: I liked Boot Camp because I could flip the tyre

Max S: I liked the ropes in Boot Camp

Charlotte: I liked the triathlon

Erin: I liked Boot Camp because we got to do different things

Kaitlyn: I never knew we could do so many sports in one week

Chloe: I liked Boot Camp because I could hang on the rope for 45 seconds

Anna: I liked the judo because I managed to get a point against Kaitlyn

Ellie: I enjoyed flipping the tyre at Boot Camp

Katya: I liked the street dancing – it was really fun

Kian: I liked the judo because I got to sit on Evan

Mark: I liked the tennis because of the keepie-uppies


As you can see, we had a great time!

Health Week in P2

What a busy week we have had!  Thanks to Mr Todd’s organisation, the teachers, parent helpers and all the sportspeople that came in to work with us, we have had a wonderful time trying out lots of different sports and activities.

We have been discussing what we learned from Health Week.

How it made us successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens:

“I learned how to be safe on all the equipment at Boot Camp. This helps me be successful because you don’t wander off and you concentrate” – Jack R

“We did a lot of exercise. We did gymnastics and dancing. I know I did well because the gymnastics teacher said we were better than the other class” – Reese

“I know I did well because we walked to lots of places and no said “I wish we weren’t walking””  – Amelia

“I know I did well because at tennis, my partner was Amelia and she did the trick and when she threw it I hit it back, back and forwards” – Murren

“I know I did well because in gymnastics I did well on the forward rolls and I didn’t have to get help to roll by myself” – Natasha

“I know I did well because at gymnastics it was the first time I ever jumped backwards on the inflatable trampoline and I didn’t need any help” – Calum

“I know I did well because at the Fairy Walk, me and Aaron and Jack found one of the houses” – Lee

“I know I did well because at tennis me and Lucinda were having fun because Lucinda kept hitting in far away where I couldn’t get it so I hit it very far back and she caught it” – Aaron

“I know I did well at gymnastics because one of the teachers said that I did a good flip” – Tara

“I know I did well at gymnastics because I could balance on the beam” – Anna

“I know I did well at Boot Camp because at the end of the jumping part it was a bit tricky, but I kept trying” – Alistair