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World Book Day – Primary Three Activities

Happy World Book Day, P3 – and happy snow day!

To celebrate, why not combine a bit of them both?  Can you draw the cover of your favourite book – or the cover of the book or magazine you have been reading recently – in the snow?

If that’s too cold for you (or you’ve had enough of the snow for today), what about making a reading den?  Find a cosy corner and a blanket and cuddle up with your book!  How interesting and fun can you make it?  If you fancy some inspiration, have a look at this link:

Ask an adult at home to help you – there are some ideas for them on the website too!

Stay cosy and enjoy your reading!

– Mrs WS and Mrs Roy

Our Week’s Achievements in P3

We have been really busy improving lots of areas of our learning this week!  Chief amongst these was our work on Sumdog.  There was a National Challenge this week and lots of the class were taking part to try and earn us a certificate… and it worked!  We came in the top 50 classes in the whole of the UK. Wow!!!

Here are some of our achievements in our own words:

Alistair – I can’t believe I got a certificate from Sumdog, because I never got one before.

Anna – We were learning how to do our WOW words.  We were reading our books and collecting WOW words.  I found “hypnotising”.

Zoe – we were being an audience in assembly and we have never done it really quietly before.

Lucinda – I have improved in my maths on Sumdog.

Amelia – I can’t believe we were in the top 50 of all the classes in the Sumdog National Challenge!

Reese – The whole entire class did Sumdog and some of the class got certificates from Mrs Green for answering over 1000 questions.

Maha – I went on Sumdog for the very first time.

We have done really well!


A great read – thanks to all the parents!

Thank you to all the parents who have contributed to the appeal for new books for the class libraries. Mrs Gough came in to assembly this morning to present the books on behalf of the Parent Council and the wider parent body and the children were really excited by the new additions to their libraries. The Primary 4 children were a real help sorting and distributing the books to each class.

The new book really will help brighten up the class libraries and will encourage the children to read more. It is great to see the wonderful results we get when the pupils, Pupil Council, Parent Council and wider parent body all come together to work to improve the children’s experiences at school: a huge thank you from everyone at Bellsquarry!

More Measure

P2 recently finished their revision on Weight and Capacity. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to revisit our work and helped us to deepen our learning.  It was also a chance for us to exercise some of our Learning Muscles, such as Distilling, Collaboration, Revising, Interdependence, Absorption and Capitalising.

Here is a small insight into this work.  The ultimate aim was to make a set of posters for ourselves and others to help us remember and understand Measure.

Each table worked together to revise and note down everything we knew about each subject – in writing or pictures – then we peer-assessed the work and revised it further to make the improvements our peers recommended. This is the pupils’ learning in their own words and images. Here are some pictures of this process, and the final results. Can we teach you something new about measure?


Working in table groups to create the posters:


Peer-assessing another table’s work:

The final posters:

A Lengthy Task!

Over the last few months, P2 have been expanding their knowledge, understanding and skills to do with Measure. There has been a lot to learn about this topic and we have already covered Length, Weight and Capacity.

Over the last week or so, we took time to find out how much we could actually remember and if we could apply our knowledge. We revised what we knew about length and the children produced fantastic posters summarising their learning. It took us a long time and lots of toil to remember what we had learned as we covered this work way back before Christmas. It was even harder, however, to try to explain what we knew! We imagined we were trying to explain our learning to our penpals. This helped us focus on what was important and to make sure we included everything we needed to know. We used words and illustrations to get the information across.

This was a demanding task that required us to use all of our Learning Muscles and Thinking Skills.  As you can see, P2 did this in an exemplary way.

Have a look at our posters – can you see what we have been learning?

P2 Penpals and Information Safety

We have had some exciting moments in P2 this week. One of them was to do with our writing. We have been practising our letter-writing skills since the start of January and we are getting better and better, but we know that our letters to Santa and Ms McMaster might not get replies as you would be hard-pressed to find two busier people! We were very excited this week to find out that we were going to start writing to people that would (in theory!) write back. We have new penpals! The P3/2s at Mrs Weatherston Sharma’s old school, Seafield Primary, have agreed to write to us if we write to them. Today, everyone got paired up with someone from Seafield and wrote them an introductory letter. We wrote some information about ourselves and asked our penpal a question to help us find out more about them.
We talked at length about the safety of such interactions. We know that we mustn’t talk to strangers, so how do we know it is safe to write to these children? We talked about how teachers work to keep children safe and that the Seafield P3/2s’ teacher is a known and trusted member of West Lothian’s staff and that she can vouch for – and keep safe – her own pupils. We also discussed what we knew about what was safe to tell people about ourselves. We know very well that we don’t give any personal, sensitive information about ourselves to people we don’t know and haven’t met, including our penpals. We all agreed that we should never reveal our surnames, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or any other identifying information to anyone we don’t know and that we wouldn’t put this information into our letters.

We are very excited to write our letters and to hear back from our penpals. We’ll let you know as soon as their letters come through!

Oor Rab

On Thursday the Primary 3-7 children watched a wonderful show about Robert Burns. Andy and Wendy performed some of Burns’ best known poems, told us all about his life and work, showed us what a Burns’ Supper involves, and even performed the Tam O’Shanter poem – with a little help from some of the children.

What a great way to learn all about Scotland’s most famous poet!

A Wee Short Week in P2

Happy New Year from us all in P2. It’s been a really short week and we quite tired after the Christmas holidays, but we have still done some quality learning. Here are some of the things we did this week.

We have been using Number Talks to help us find different strategies to do calculations. We came up with lots of different ways to do 6+6, 6+7 and 6+8. We noticed lots of patterns and used these to find the answers. We are getting really good at explaining our thinking.

We have been measuring with cubes in maths. We learned how to estimate – before you measure, you decide how many cubes long it think it will be. You can’t say any number. If it’s a ruler, it can’t be 1000 cubes long. It has to be a sensible answer. Once you have estimated, you count how many cubes it actually is. The answer doesn’t have to be the same as the estimate as it is meant to be a guess.

We have been practising for our Assembly. It’s going to be on Learning Muscles and all the colour of Thinking Hats. Watch this space for more information!

Viking Assembly Success in P4

We have put a lot of hard work into our assembly and were delighted to show off our knowledge and talents.

We have had fun learning about the Vikings and helping other children to find out new things, too.

Mrs Manning and Mr Todd were impressed by the different talents and creativity shown by the children: they can sing, act, write, draw and build like true professionals.

The parents were especially proud of the children and it was lovely to see so many there: it was standing-room only by the end! The children were also thankful for their parents coming along and supporting them throughout the project – thank you!