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Bellsquarry Primary School Calendar – Session 2017/18

2017-18 BQPS Calendar (by week)

Please find our weekly calendar for session 2017/18 which outlines the many events which will be going on in our school this session.  These include Parent Assemblies, Community Coffee Mornings and so on.  

Please note that as new events come along, this may result in others events being rescheduled with a change of date.  In those instances, advance notice will be given and our calendar amended to reflect these.

Thank you.    


Bellsquarry – Rookie Rockstars

On Thursday, after three days of learning songs, headbanging, air guitar playing and developing rockstar attitudes, we finally unleashed all our creativity (…and very loud noise!) and  held our very own Bellsquarry Rookie Rockstar concerts.  We had such a great night…………and here are a few snaps of our evening.

To view these images as a PowerPoint Presentation, simply click on the first one and the screen should expand.  Next hit < or > at the side of the screen to navigate your way around the presentation.


P2 Rookie Rockstars

This week in school, we have been lucky enough to experience a visit from Rookie Rockstars, who have spent every afternoon working with the whole school. It has been a fantastic experience, with the chance to learn songs, record them and then perform them for families.

Here are some of P2’s highlights from the week:

Lee – I liked Challenge Time because the people that were doing it were having a challenge and it was hard for them to do the challenge.
Anna – I liked the question time because some people asked funny questions, like “How many marshmallows can you shove in your mouth?”
Isla – I liked the penguin dance because the guy made penguin noises
Jack R – I liked Challenge Time because you have to do funny stuff because whatever’s picked you have to do it
Jack M – my favourite thing was, at the end, when they had a song that was a pop rock medley
Reese – I liked when it was Challenge time and I can’t for the performance
Murren – my favourite part was Challenge Time and my favourite song was Don’t Give Up
Amelia – my favourite thing was the same as Jack M because you could do the songs that you might not have sung before
Alistair – my favourite one was the pop-rock at the end

East Meets West – Parent Council Event

The Parent Council organised a very successful ‘East Meets West’ event on Saturday night at the Scout Hall.

It was a fun social event which brought together women and children from the local community.

There were stalls selling perfume, candles, scarves, jewellery and lots more. There was some Bollywood style dancing, henna hand painting and delicious eastern food.

It was well attended and we would like to thank the parents who worked hard to ensure that the event was a success. Well done!

img_0626 img_0628

img_0631 img_0633



Supporting your child with maths and numeracy

Thank you to parents for coming along to our PATPAL afternoon. It was a great success. The children were very excited to show their parents and extended family about what they have been doing in mathematical problem solving.

Please find a link to our i-solve booklet and our power point presentation in the section “Information for Parents” (above right).

We would also welcome parents to give us some feedback via the following link to Survey Monkey.

Click here

Please find a link below to a slideshow of photographs from our PATPAL afternoon :

PATPAL Photo Slideshow


Thank you to everyone who helped to make our PATPAL (Pupils As Teachers – Parents As Learners) session this afternoon such a wonderful success.

The P2 pupils relished the chance to work on their skills in a different format and to show the adults that attended what they have been learning.

If you weren’t able to join us today, ask your child what they were doing in the session and if they can show you some of the skills they have been learning.

In this post, you can find some of the dozens of photos we took of the session.  You can also find the hyperlink to the document named “Patpal”  that contains the instructions for each of the tasks, in case you want to have a go at home!


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