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World Book Day – Primary Three Activities

Happy World Book Day, P3 – and happy snow day!

To celebrate, why not combine a bit of them both?  Can you draw the cover of your favourite book – or the cover of the book or magazine you have been reading recently – in the snow?

If that’s too cold for you (or you’ve had enough of the snow for today), what about making a reading den?  Find a cosy corner and a blanket and cuddle up with your book!  How interesting and fun can you make it?  If you fancy some inspiration, have a look at this link:


Ask an adult at home to help you – there are some ideas for them on the website too!

Stay cosy and enjoy your reading!

– Mrs WS and Mrs Roy

Our Week’s Achievements in P3

We have been really busy improving lots of areas of our learning this week!  Chief amongst these was our work on Sumdog.  There was a National Challenge this week and lots of the class were taking part to try and earn us a certificate… and it worked!  We came in the top 50 classes in the whole of the UK. Wow!!!

Here are some of our achievements in our own words:

Alistair – I can’t believe I got a certificate from Sumdog, because I never got one before.

Anna – We were learning how to do our WOW words.  We were reading our books and collecting WOW words.  I found “hypnotising”.

Zoe – we were being an audience in assembly and we have never done it really quietly before.

Lucinda – I have improved in my maths on Sumdog.

Amelia – I can’t believe we were in the top 50 of all the classes in the Sumdog National Challenge!

Reese – The whole entire class did Sumdog and some of the class got certificates from Mrs Green for answering over 1000 questions.

Maha – I went on Sumdog for the very first time.

We have done really well!


Primary 3’s Very Short Week

This week has been a really short week, but we have still been learning and achieving lots in P3.  Here are some of the things we are proud of:

Alistair – I did my colouring well on the PLP and I’m excited to do another one.  I’m proud of Sumdog because it helps my learning.

Haaris – My writing is a lot better and neater.

Murren – I’ve improved on my drawing – now I do proper hands all together and the eyes are a lot better.

Zoe – I’ve got better at my writing since last year – it’s smaller and neater.

Tara – I think I have been learning to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks really well and I hope we can do it again.

Natasha – I’m a lot better at telling the time now – I used to just guess but now I try to find out the answers.

Jack M – I’m improved at getting my work done faster and doing neater writing.  I did lots of detail in my drawing for my story.  Mrs WS said it was amazing.

Lee – I’ve got a lot more focused and got my work a lot neater.

Lucinda – I’ve improved my times tables in maths.

Anna – We were learning about half past and one hour after and one hour before.

Amelia – We have been learning at Assembly about Genes for Jeans Day.

Reese – There are 2 different types of genes/jeans – there is one for your body and one for you to wear!

Jessica – I’ve been starting to write more pages than I used to.

Here’s to another great week in P3!


We All Fit Together…

Hello from the all-new P3 class at Bellsquarry Primary School.

We are a brand-new class made up from two sets of last session’s Primary 2 classes.  We are really excited to all be in one class and we fit together like a lovely big jigsaw puzzle.

We have been busy this week thinking about what makes a good classmate, friend and teacher as well as working on our Growth Mindset and Class Charter.  We are aiming to build a great P3 community and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

Health Week in P2

What a busy week we have had!  Thanks to Mr Todd’s organisation, the teachers, parent helpers and all the sportspeople that came in to work with us, we have had a wonderful time trying out lots of different sports and activities.

We have been discussing what we learned from Health Week.

How it made us successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens:

“I learned how to be safe on all the equipment at Boot Camp. This helps me be successful because you don’t wander off and you concentrate” – Jack R

“We did a lot of exercise. We did gymnastics and dancing. I know I did well because the gymnastics teacher said we were better than the other class” – Reese

“I know I did well because we walked to lots of places and no said “I wish we weren’t walking””  – Amelia

“I know I did well because at tennis, my partner was Amelia and she did the trick and when she threw it I hit it back, back and forwards” – Murren

“I know I did well because in gymnastics I did well on the forward rolls and I didn’t have to get help to roll by myself” – Natasha

“I know I did well because at gymnastics it was the first time I ever jumped backwards on the inflatable trampoline and I didn’t need any help” – Calum

“I know I did well because at the Fairy Walk, me and Aaron and Jack found one of the houses” – Lee

“I know I did well because at tennis me and Lucinda were having fun because Lucinda kept hitting in far away where I couldn’t get it so I hit it very far back and she caught it” – Aaron

“I know I did well at gymnastics because one of the teachers said that I did a good flip” – Tara

“I know I did well at gymnastics because I could balance on the beam” – Anna

“I know I did well at Boot Camp because at the end of the jumping part it was a bit tricky, but I kept trying” – Alistair

What a Short Week!

This has been a really short week in P2, but we have still managed to fit in plenty learning and fun!
“We have been learning about our new topic – minibeasts.” – Maha
“We read lots of books that had lots of facts about minibeasts and we had to draw a picture of what it was about.” – Anna
“In maths, the Squares did a check-up and we had to do it on own. It was quite hard because there were lots of sums and they were quite tricky.” – Aaron
“We went through to Mrs Clegg’s class to do some singing. We were singing summer songs, even though it’s not summer.” – Amelia
“We did Hey, Brown Duck and Happy Sun High, Happy Sun Low.” – Anna
“We drew a picture about the book that we were reading and Mrs Roy told us to draw a picture of minibeasts in our Smart Start jotter.” – Alistair
“We did Key Comp. It was about St Andrew’s School and we had to write the answers in sentences. It was quite tricky because it didn’t give you the black writing for what you have to write first.” – Calum
“An Australian artist came into the school. He showed us pictures that he had made in Australia and people at school tried to do it with him. There were 4 colours – black, white, yellow and red. There was one picture that was handprints and pictures of animals.” – Aaron
“We watched a video about minibeasts. There were spiders, butterflies and ladybirds and stuff.” – Lee.

Fun in P2 – Posted from last week

We have had lots of fun learning this week. Here are some of our highlights:
Amelia – we went to a cricket taster session.
Amelia – we did our maths on area.
Jessica – you draw a flat shape and measure it with cubes
Natasha – or counters!
Anna – we learned to draw straight lines in our maths jotters. We had to use a ruler
Alistair – you used a pencil and put your hand in the middle of the ruler
Murren – you slid the ruler up until it’s right in line and if it isn’t you do the bottom bit or the top bit
Tara – we were learning to count in tens with Mrs Roy
Aaron – we learned about David and Goliath – that a tiny person can use only one stone to defeat a giant
Jack R – we have been using lines with rulers and we made them really straight. Then we were checking each other’s work
Haaris – Peer Assessment!
Reese – we were learning the months of the year
Amelia – we were doing the rhyme of the months and how many days the months have
Jack M – we learned how to say the colour of our eyes and hair in French
Cayden – I did a magic show!

Ryan’s Keys in Primary 2

We love learning about and using Thinking Skills in Primary 2.  We have been learning these to help us improve our analysis, evaulative and creative skills.

Today, we had lots of fun trying out a new way of thinking.  We used the Reverse Listing Tool, which is one of Ryan’s Keys.  Ryan’s Keys consists of different tools to aid what is sometimes called “blue sky thinking” or “thinking outside of the box”.  This helps us broaden our horizons and be as creative as we can – no limits!

We practised using the Reverse Listing Tool today.  To do this, you make a list of things that aren’t true, or are the opposite of facts about something.  It is a very creative tool!

We discussed what we had for breakfast foods using the tool.  This meant we only listed things we didn’t eat!

Here are some of our ideas:

My breakfast – chips, potatoes, beans, green beans, noodles, nutella, ketchup, mud, grass, a dog bone, flowers, bird poo, dirty water, a cat, a horse, a tree, a rock.

Then we used the tool to list disgusting smells:

A flower, air freshener, your dinner, marshmallows, hot chocolate, aftershave, perfume, candyfloss, candy, a cupcake, a candy cane.

We also used the tool to list things we did in the holidays.  The ideas were very wacky!

This made us laugh a lot – but it also made us THINK!

Here is what Primary 2 said about using Ryan’s Keys Reverse Listing Tool:

“Ryan’s Keys – you use your imagination.  It’s the opposite of something” – Isla

“Ryan’s Keys – it can be funny things or nice things” – Aaron

“It is the opposite to White Hat thinking, because White Hat thinking is facts and this is things that we didn’t do” – Jack M

“Ryan’s Keys is something that you tell people you haven’t done” – Jessica

“Ryan’s Keys are like the opposite of the truth, so if it was a nice smell, you would say horrible smells” – Maisy

“Ryan’s keys are something that you say something that you do when it is actually stuff that you don’t do – it is kind of funny” – Tara

Here are some more ideas that we came up with.  For example, if we use Ryan’s Reverse Listing Tool to describe things we wear, we might say:

“A gym rubber on my head” – Anna

“Fries” – Maha

“A chicken on my head” – Aaron

“Fish fingers” – Alistair

“A cup of tea on your head” – Jack R

“Lego on my feet” – Lee

“The Earth on my tummy” – Haaris

If we were discussing places to go to sleep using Ryan’s Reverse Listing Tool, we might say:

“In the grass” – Reese

“In a pit of rhinos” – Murren

“In a burger” – Natasha.

What is the point of this?  Using the Reverse Listing tool is fun  and helps us use all of our Learning Muscles . (Anna)

“Distilling because when you are thinking about stuff that isn’t true you have to ignore the stuff that’s true” – Natasha

“The green hat – you use your imagination” – Murren.

Why not have a go using Ryan’s Reverse Listing Key yourself?  How creative can you be?

P2’s End of Term… it’s the Easter Holidays!

Primary 2 are very excited about the Easter Holidays!  We are also tired out because we have been so busy learning and working on our skills.  We have had a really successful term.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us at home and in school to be even better at our learning.

Here are some of the things we learned and enjoyed this term:

We have been doing area – Jessica

We went to Church to do our Easter Service – Amelia

On Friday, we did the Easter Assembly again for the big kids and whole school – Tara and Alistair

I really enjoyed doing my maths because it’s fun – my favourite bit was the maths posters – Maisy

I really enjoyed doing the lighthouse pictures with Miss McMaster – Murren

We did Sumdog – it was fun – Haaris

I liked doing capacity because it’s fun and I like doing how much fits in one and how much fits in the other one – Lee

I like doing our learning intentions because we did a lot of writing –  it was a bit hard but I liked it because I had help from the learning intention – Jack R

We were learning about being Successful Learners, Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals and our Learning Muscles for assembly – Anna

I liked playing outside Mr Todd when it was sunny and my favourite game was “Farmer, Farmer, Can I Cross Your Field?” – Natasha

I loved doing PE.  I love Bellsquarry – Reese

Well done to Reese, who has completed her first term at Bellsquarry.  It’s lovely to know you are so happy here, Reese!

Well done to everyone for all your hard work this term.  You have all come such a long way and have learned so much.  I’m proud of every one of you!

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday, everyone!  See you next term.

More Measure

P2 recently finished their revision on Weight and Capacity. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to revisit our work and helped us to deepen our learning.  It was also a chance for us to exercise some of our Learning Muscles, such as Distilling, Collaboration, Revising, Interdependence, Absorption and Capitalising.

Here is a small insight into this work.  The ultimate aim was to make a set of posters for ourselves and others to help us remember and understand Measure.

Each table worked together to revise and note down everything we knew about each subject – in writing or pictures – then we peer-assessed the work and revised it further to make the improvements our peers recommended. This is the pupils’ learning in their own words and images. Here are some pictures of this process, and the final results. Can we teach you something new about measure?


Working in table groups to create the posters:


Peer-assessing another table’s work:

The final posters: