Sal’s Shoes – School Shoe Collection

Thanks to parents, Diane Lambert and Justene Ewing, we are helping out the charity Sal’s Shoes.

You may have read the information we sent home from school this week.

Please click on the link below for more information.

Sal s Shoes letter

P4’s sporty week

This week we have been very active. We’ve been doing our Daily Mile and had Sports Day on Thursday.  We all tried our hardest in the different races and are really proud of our winners:

Sprint race: 1st – Alix/Finlay, 2nd Melissa/Taylor, 3rd Erin/Max S

Sack race: 1st Rebecca/Finlay, 2nd Erin/Josh, 3rd Anna/Luke

Skipping race: 1st Kaitlyn/Finlay, 2nd Alix/Max S, 3rd Chloe/Max W

Egg & spoon: 1st Chloe/Corrin, 2nd Alix/Kian, 3rd Melissa/Callum

We can’t agree which was the hardest race, but it was either the sack race of the egg and spoon race – we either kept falling over or kept dropping the egg!

We’ve enjoyed meeting our new teacher in our new class and now are really looking forward to next year. We know that next year we have got the Inventors Challenge, a Titanic topic and our teacher is going to get married over the summer, so instead of Miss Scales we will be calling her Mrs McElhinney!

Well done to Alix for helping write this week’s blog!

Primary 5

Yesterday we had an amazing day at Five Sisters Zoo. There was so much for us to see and do.  The weather was an added bonus too! We started our trip around the zoo by going to see the lions, as we had been told to go and see them in the morning as they would be awake! However when we got around to their enclosure they were fast asleep! When we went back in the afternoon they had moved….but were still fast asleep. The lions story really touched us and we are delighted that they are safe in their new home.

A highlight of the day was the handling session. We got to handle animals that we had never seen before like a tenrec, which looks like a hedgehog but is actually more related to an elephant!!

Here are some of our thoughts about the day:

“I liked getting to hold the different animals” – Taylor

“It was amazing to discover new animals that I didn’t know about” – Rebecca

“The meerkats were cute and fast. I named the baby one, ‘Usain Bolt'” – Charlotte

“I liked seeing Jupiter the reindeer because we were so close to him” – Emma

“The best trip ever!!” – Ruby

“My favourite part was seeing the lions.  I liked the wolves too!” – Leah

“I liked feeling the different animals. The snake was the best because it was so smooth” – Ben

“Playing tig in the park was fun!” – Maryam

“The Lost Kingdom was amazing.  I liked seeing all the animals, especially the alligators and crocodiles” – Aidan

“Holding the leopard gecko was fun” – Holly

“I enjoyed it when Aliya dropped her hat into the meerkat enclosure and they were very interested in it!” – Lois

“It was the best day we’ve had in Primary 5!” – Ellie

By Primary 5



P1 Skipping

P5 Skipping

P6 skipping

Bellsquarry – Rookie Rockstars

On Thursday, after three days of learning songs, headbanging, air guitar playing and developing rockstar attitudes, we finally unleashed all our creativity (…and very loud noise!) and  held our very own Bellsquarry Rookie Rockstar concerts.  We had such a great night…………and here are a few snaps of our evening.

To view these images as a PowerPoint Presentation, simply click on the first one and the screen should expand.  Next hit < or > at the side of the screen to navigate your way around the presentation.


Primary 7 – World War II

Well done to all those pupils who have successfully completed the many homework challenges.  We’ve had cakes, using World War II recipes, to Anderson Shelters and even some World War II poetry and songs – each unique in their approach and creative in their design.

Here’s a selection of some of our finished products.

To view these images as a PowerPoint Presentation, simply click on the first one and the screen should expand.  Next hit < or > at the side of the screen to navigate your way around the presentation.


Connor’s mum pays a visit

The PM nursery children were very pleased to have a visit from  Connor’s mum, who brought microscopes,mini beasts from the sandpit and shells to see up close. She also managed to produce some glittery designs for us to admire.


Thank you : )

A Day for Bears in Primary One

What an exciting day! It all started with a bear hunt. Mr Hunter and Mrs Jones kindly accompanied us as we went looking for bear facts that were hiding in the woods.

That adventure left us very hungry so when we returned, we had a lovely teddy bears’ picnic and playtime.

By 13.00, we were tired out which made it a perfect time for an afternoon at the cinema. We all enjoyed  watching ‘Paddington’ which included popcorn and juice at the interval.

We’ve decided that theme days are really fun!


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