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Thank you to everyone who helped to make our PATPAL (Pupils As Teachers – Parents As Learners) session this afternoon such a wonderful success.

The P2 pupils relished the chance to work on their skills in a different format and to show the adults that attended what they have been learning.

If you weren’t able to join us today, ask your child what they were doing in the session and if they can show you some of the skills they have been learning.

In this post, you can find some of the dozens of photos we took of the session.  You can also find the hyperlink to the document named “Patpal”  that contains the instructions for each of the tasks, in case you want to have a go at home!


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P2 Assembly on Learning Muscles and Thinking Hats

This week, we did our Assembly. We were very good! We practised our own parts at home and at school and made sure that we knew our lines. This meant that when it came to the day, when we had to stand up in front of the school, we felt excited and only a little bit nervous.
“I thought it was going to be embarrassing,” said Aaron, “but it was good!”.
“It was fun,” said Lee.
“It was super-dooper”, said Calum.
“I felt really happy because I like speaking,” said Jessica.
Our assembly was about Learning Muscles and Thinking Hats.
We can tell you a little bit about Thinking Hats.
The Yellow Hat means thinking about the good things – Maha
The Black Hat is thinking about all the bad things – Lee
The Green Hat helps us change bad things – Calum
The Red Hat helps us think about feelings – Jack M
The Blue Hat helps us to think about all the other hats and choose which ones you want to use. It helps us do them better than we did it before – Jack R
The White Hat tells us the truth.
These are really useful for helping us tackle big problems, because sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Thinking Hats are used in lots of different fields – academia, business and politics to name but three.
What are Learning Muscles? They help us find ways to work hard and learn better. Here are some of them:
Perseverance means keep going – Alistair
Managing distractions helps us concentrate – Calum
Capitalising means making the most of what we have – Lee
Collaboration means working together – Haaris
Making Links means connecting our thinking – Murren
Revising means checking over your work and fixing mistakes – Amelia
Noticing helps us spot information and what is around us – Jack M, Haaris and Anna
We have loved learning about Learning Muscles and Thinking Hats. We also love using them in our work!
Please ask us if you would like to know any more!

Measure and Stories in P2

This week, P2 were very excited to share two particular things about our learning.

The first was our practical discoveries in Maths. We have just started learning about measure and the earliest part of this is to compare and contrast the sizes of different items.  We were learning that when we are talking about “big” and “bigger” and “small” and “smaller”, that size is relative  – a carton of milk is small compared to a table, but big compared to a pound coin.  We were We had lots of fun comparing the sizes of different items to each other in the classroom, and then finding items that were bigger or smaller than our reference size – a lolly stick.  We also talked about how to take a fair measurement and discovered that the lolly stick and the item we were measuring needed to be lined up next to each other with their ends at the same level – otherwise one of the items could be cheating!

As for Literacy, we have been working hard on our storywriting.  We focussed this week on creating a story with a beginning, a middle and an ending and started off by planning out how our story was going to develop.  Our theme was “Escape from the Zoo” and there were lots of exciting, thrilling, dangerous and dastardly plots on show.

Everyone was very enthusiastic about this story and the quality of this week’s work was better than ever!

measure-2 measure-3 measure-4 measure-1