Primary 5

This week we have moved on to a new maths topic. The topic is shape.  Some of us  were matching up different shapes to their names. We have also been improving our problem solving skills this week.  By Leah and Aidan

We have been very busy with our Titanic topic.  An activity we really enjoyed this week was creating a Titanic timeline.  We have transformed our classroom so that we feel part of the Titanic, we have portholes and a massive ship on the wall.   We will also be displaying some of the work we have been doing, like our factsheets about Captain Smith.  By Cameron and Ben

In writing we have been writing to persuade.  This week we were writing about fox hunting.  We had to write reasons for and against fox hunting and then give our own opinion about the subject.  Next week we will be writing about who we think is to blame for the Titanic sinking.  By Nur-Aasiya and Amy