Life in Primary 7…………….with Parents

“Children and young people have the right to access information and they are increasingly using the internet to learn, play and socialise. It is essential that children are empowered to take advantage of the internet’s many benefits in a safe and informed way”

(United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child –  UNCRC Article 17)

This week, we had a visit from British Telecom (BT) who was telling us all about internet safety.  The workshop brought together UNICEF UK’s child rights expertise along with BT’s technological know-how around internet safety to provide information about how to safely navigate the internet, the  potential risks associated with it as well as the overall benefits technology can have on our everyday lives.  We also invited our parents into the classroom to make them more aware of the internet.

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Mrs Mann and that cold, and the day we read the Jumble Bum

Mrs Mann had a cold last week and the children in the PM nursery  decided she would become their patient! It was such a good example of our play in the nursery we decided to put all  our ideas in our floorbook.                                                                                                               20170222_132319

We were also very excited about a book called the Jumble Bum which we had read during the week, the children became very interested with the content of the book and it was excitedly read by groups of children acting out the pages and enjoying the antics of the Jumble Bum.

20170223_113214 20170223_112909

We also created beautiful artwork of hills and rainbows.

20170223_135018 20170222_132351

Also all the dancing, listening to stories, making sure our friends were ok and wondering if a tambourine might balance on our head.

20170223_144754 20170222_135740 20170217_115758 20170223_114842

A new counting game was introduced and everyone was keen to use it, so lots of turn taking and sharing.


World Book Day is on Thursday, if any of the children wish to dress up that would be great.

Thank you to the ladies who are helping us with our library.

Also if there is anyone interested to come into the nursery to plant with the children or help  making extra outside raised beds as our space is limited where to grow food. We are also on the lookout for more pallets!