An author comes to visit us!

What a wonderful week we’ve had! A short one but packed with lots of activities and new learning experiences. On Wednesday, we found out that a local author, Rachel McGaw was coming to visit us and read the story of Ruan the Little Red Squirrel.

On Thursday morning, she arrived with a picnic basket, out of which was poking a tufty little red tail! Rachel read us the story and spoke to us about where the ideas came from and how she went about writing her first children’s book. We had a huge list of questions for Rachel and learned such a lot about the work of an author. We shared some of our own writing with Rachel, including stories and poems. She said we were all budding authors and would like us to send some of our work to her so she has time to read something from everyone in P3/2.

We are now ready to follow up with our own research about the places Ruan went to and the animals he met. We have planned our Scottish assembly together,  which will include parts of the story, factual information about Scottish wildlife, some Scottish songs, music and dancing. We will also recite poems about Scotland,  written by P3/2 authors!


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A Sciencey Week In Primary 6

In Science we have been looking at the planets of the solar system and were thinking of our own mnemonics to remember the order of the planets. We also went outside and became planets ourselves to find out the distance between all the planets. We found out that the distances between them are all in millions of km.

In health we have been looking at how the Syrian civil war has effected children and families and how Unicef is helping them. We found out about lots of things like how it started, who is fighting who and how the war is effecting people and their every day lives in Syria. We found out that we can help by donating as little as any loose change.

Written by Corrin and Owen

Nursery News

Thanks to all our parents who came to our bingo night,it was very enjoyable and I think everybody had a nice evening. Mrs Shaw again very kindly offered to be our bingo caller and made sure we all were kept on the right track as regards games and such like.

Meanwhile in the nursery………..

The children have been enjoying using the Beebot and learning how to programme it. It has been everywhere, even in the water!

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Making bird feeders for outside

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Making beautiful drawings and writing names and words.

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Using the play instruments to become dentists.






P3 PatPal afternoon

Thank you to everyone who made it along to our class on Wednesday to join in some of our problem solving activities. Information was sent home to anyone who couldn’t make it in – please feel free to ask us all about it! You gave us such wonderful feedback on our Problem Solving skills and the learning atmosphere in our class. Here are some of your comments that have been shared with the class.

What did you enjoy seeing today?

‘Fun new ways to learn about numbers and also draughts.’

‘The Smartboard and the number patterns.’

‘Enjoyed seeing kids doing activities in class.’

‘I loved my daughter’s game of draughts! Brilliant problem solving real life stories.’

‘I enjoyed watching my son being confident with Maths.’

‘I enjoyed seeing and learning Maths.’

‘I enjoyed seeing my son working through his Maths and Problem Solving.’

‘I enjoyed learning different ways of doing Maths.’

‘Enjoyed the presentation!’

‘I like my granddaughter’s real life problem solving skills and her lovely snowflake and Roman pot [on the wall displays].’


PATPAL Afternoon

Thank you to parents for coming along to our PATPAL afternoon. It was a great success. The children were very excited to show their parents and extended family about what they have been doing in mathematical problem solving.

Please find a link to our i-solve booklet and our power point presentation in the section “Information for Parents” (above right).

We would also welcome parents to give us some feedback via the following link to Survey Monkey.

Click here

Please find a link below to a slideshow of photographs from our PATPAL afternoon :

PATPAL Photo Slideshow

Life in Primary 7………with parents!


This week, we had the opportunity to ‘teach’ our parents what we have been doing in our class for Numeracy.  Our main focus was Problem Solving and we had different tables for our parents visit. We also gave them the chance to experience our Problem Solving activities by giving them a chance to shine……..although some shone more than others!

We had our Scottish Maths Challenge table, our CSI Maths Investigation table, our Designing and Running a Martian Theme Park table, our Skills table (Blooms Taxonomy) with the focus upon fractions, decimals and percentages and our Create a Tower table.

We all enjoyed showcasing our learning to parents.

Primary 7

 To view the above images as a PowerPoint Presentation, simply click on the first one and the screen should expand.  Next hit < or > at the side of the screen to navigate your way around the presentation.  



When Pupils Become Teachers

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I am seriously afraid that I may be out of work after the P1 pupils became the teachers on Wednesday!  They did such a great job of teaching their parents some of our problem solving activities.  It was lovely that so many parents and grandparents were able to attend.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the activities and the adults were model pupils with one even asking to go to the toilet before leaving the room! Although just a taster, we hope that parents have a better idea of some of the things we do during our day.

In other news, pupils continued to work on and complete their Scottish landscapes.  They are so beautiful that our self portraits will need to come down from the cloakroom to make room for them!

A reminder to parents that all P1 pupils will be expected to recite a poem to the class on Monday. We are looking forward to hearing them.

Have a lovely weekend.