Bellsquarry Primary School

Badminton Bonanza!

We have had a great time working on our badminton skills over the last four weeks.

In P1 and 2 we have learned how to hold a racket properly and how to serve. Sometimes we flick the shuttlecock to start if we find it a bit tricky! We can aim at a target and can hit the shuttlecock higher and further than when we first started! We liked trying to get it over the net and managed it quite a lot of times!

In P3 and P3/2 we have been hitting the shuttlecock even further and have enjoyed some rallies, hitting it back and forward to each other over the net too! We really like doing keepie-uppies in the free area and enjoying throwing the shuttlecock to someone else to hit back.

In P5, 6 and 7 we have been playing lots of target games and have been trying to get the best score by aiming for smaller, more specific target areas. We can confidently use forehand and backhand shots and a variety of serves to start a game. We looked at how the game of badminton is played and scored and tried out mini doubles matches.

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