Celebrating Spring !

Primary 3/2 have really enjoyed taking part in our infant Easter services this week. We had a lovely walk to the church yesterday, looking for signs of spring along the way!

Working together, our class composed a collaborative poem, “Celebrating Spring” which Primary One illustrated with some beautiful pictures. Thank you P1!

We loved listening to Easter  presentations from P2 and P3 and shared our learning with P4-7 this morning.

Here is our poem:

“Celebrating Spring”

Bumble bees and butterflies are busy in the air,

Crocuses and daffodils are growing everywhere.

Little snowdrops, tiny daisies, peeping through the grass,

Tell us winter’s over now and spring is here at last.

Birds are busy making nests in bushes and in trees,

Buds are showing signs of growth, turning into leaves.

Blossom is appearing in shades of white and pink

And inside there is nectar, for busy bees to drink.

Raindrops fall to help things grow, new life is everywhere,

Birds lay their eggs in new made nests, a cosy place to share

Until they hatch and chicks appear, with hungry mouths to feed,

Then parent birds fly to and fro, bringing all the food they need.

Leaping lambs and bouncing bunnies play amongst the flowers,

Happy children run about, playing out for hours.

Lighter nights and longer days are fun for everyone,

Barbecues and picnics are enjoyed out in the sun.

Lawns are mowed and edges trimmed, there’s washing on the line,

Sounds of laughter, lots of people having a good time.

Clearer skies and shining stars, the moon shines oh, so bright,

Perhaps the Easter Bunny will visit at midnight!

Flower pots and baskets, bouquets for Mother’s Day,

Help us to remember that Easter’s on the way.

Let’s celebrate this special time with chocolate eggs and treats,

Remembering the story of what Easter really means.


Have a lovely Easter holiday everyone!

P2’s End of Term… it’s the Easter Holidays!

Primary 2 are very excited about the Easter Holidays!  We are also tired out because we have been so busy learning and working on our skills.  We have had a really successful term.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us at home and in school to be even better at our learning.

Here are some of the things we learned and enjoyed this term:

We have been doing area – Jessica

We went to Church to do our Easter Service – Amelia

On Friday, we did the Easter Assembly again for the big kids and whole school – Tara and Alistair

I really enjoyed doing my maths because it’s fun – my favourite bit was the maths posters – Maisy

I really enjoyed doing the lighthouse pictures with Miss McMaster – Murren

We did Sumdog – it was fun – Haaris

I liked doing capacity because it’s fun and I like doing how much fits in one and how much fits in the other one – Lee

I like doing our learning intentions because we did a lot of writing –  it was a bit hard but I liked it because I had help from the learning intention – Jack R

We were learning about being Successful Learners, Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens and Confident Individuals and our Learning Muscles for assembly – Anna

I liked playing outside Mr Todd when it was sunny and my favourite game was “Farmer, Farmer, Can I Cross Your Field?” – Natasha

I loved doing PE.  I love Bellsquarry – Reese

Well done to Reese, who has completed her first term at Bellsquarry.  It’s lovely to know you are so happy here, Reese!

Well done to everyone for all your hard work this term.  You have all come such a long way and have learned so much.  I’m proud of every one of you!

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday, everyone!  See you next term.

Happy Easter from Primary 4

Rather than our look back at this week, let’s look back at the highlights of the term…

  • learning gymnastics – we can vault, roll and balance much better than before
  • in Art we’ve been perfecting our monochrome pictures and enjoyed making colourful spring flowers in pastels and chalk
  • we enjoyed representing the school at the cluster handball tournament where we found out that Mark was a great goalkeeper
  • we’ve almost finished our training on Sumdog ready to start our school competition next term
  • in Science we learned about water, the water cycle and solubility of different things – Miss MacKenzie also taught us to make jelly! – and enjoyed writing stories about a new super hero H2O in the future
  • we have learned how to measure length and how to weight things accurately
  • our Young Writer competition entries have been completed and we are really pleased with our stories
  • we finished our topic on Rivers and Mountains and presented our homework projects to the class; we also visited Almondell Park as part of our project – it was really fun learning how to measure the flow of the river and how long and deep it is
  • in ICT we completed our All About Me PowerPoints and presented them to everyone
  • some of us have been going to Snazzy Snackers to learn all about different foods and how to make them
  • a few of us went to represent the school at the Civic Centre on Commonwealth Day
  • after only a few months, many of us are beginning to fill up our Reading Passports as part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge
  • we’ve finished our CEM testing

We just hope that next term is as much fun!

Primary 5

Primary 5 and I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday! Today we had a chat about what we are looking forward to when we are off and there are lots of exciting things happening.

We have had a fantastic term, I am very proud of Primary 5 and their achievements so far.  We have made great progress with our Titanic topic. We are all very much looking forward to continuing with our Titanic work after the holidays and presenting what we have been learning about at our Titanic ‘open morning’ (details will be confirmed after the holiday).

See you soon,

Miss Hood

P3 Church Visit

Primary 3 have been learning about churches. As part of our learning, we stayed at the church after our Easter Service this morning to find out more about it. We learned about the pulpit, services, communion, baptisms, historical items, community groups, ways the church help people and lots more. Nanda, the Minister, told us lots of interesting things about symbols and features of the church. We had a tour of the church and gave an impromptu performance of one of our Easter songs to a group using one of the rooms. They thought it was fantastic! Thank you to Nanda for a fantastic trip!

A Primary 6 Political Party Week


This term we have been focusing on democracy. We have been making our own political parties. We had to think of 3 main polices for example: education, crime and sport. We also had to think of a name for our political parties and had to think up a logo that would tie in with the name. There were 7 groups, they were called: The Health Squad, EEW, Green Beans, Healthy Holyrood, The Developments, The Equals and the Awesome Animals. Each party had to present to the rest of the class, p5, and p7. Then every one voted for the party they thought was the best. Tomorrow we will find out which party has the most votes and they will be rewarded with: 5 house points, a movie, a prize and extra golden time.

Written by Corrin, Owen, and Leo

Nursery Week

We celebrated Red Nose Day by either wearing our pyjamas or some dots and spots. This is our afternoon children all dressed up.

The morning children decided they would try to build a house with pallets. They shared the resources together and decided to use the tarpaulin for a roof. It was really interesting the way the children organised themselves around each other.


In the afternoon the girls decided they would try some fishing, using canes and string.


The week was extremely busy as usual and the children are following their own ideas and activities which increases their  ability to learn and problem solve in their own way.

We are looking forward to our Spring walk this Thursday  and having our snack outside as well.

Hope you can come and join us!