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Mrs Mann and that cold, and the day we read the Jumble Bum

Mrs Mann had a cold last week and the children in the PM nursery  decided she would become their patient! It was such a good example of our play in the nursery we decided to put all  our ideas in our floorbook.                                                                                                               20170222_132319

We were also very excited about a book called the Jumble Bum which we had read during the week, the children became very interested with the content of the book and it was excitedly read by groups of children acting out the pages and enjoying the antics of the Jumble Bum.

20170223_113214 20170223_112909

We also created beautiful artwork of hills and rainbows.

20170223_135018 20170222_132351

Also all the dancing, listening to stories, making sure our friends were ok and wondering if a tambourine might balance on our head.

20170223_144754 20170222_135740 20170217_115758 20170223_114842

A new counting game was introduced and everyone was keen to use it, so lots of turn taking and sharing.


World Book Day is on Thursday, if any of the children wish to dress up that would be great.

Thank you to the ladies who are helping us with our library.

Also if there is anyone interested to come into the nursery to plant with the children or help  making extra outside raised beds as our space is limited where to grow food. We are also on the lookout for more pallets!



Christmas Tinseltime

The Tinseltime trip was very exciting, and all the children enjoyed the different activities. The day was extremely busy and some of the children decided to have a quiet nap on the bus.

img_20161215_101936-1 img_20161215_110931

img_20161215_130300 img_20161215_130313

img_20161215_130420 img_20161215_143017 Zzzzzzzz

img_20161215_133036 img_20161215_111533

Thanks to all who helped out and supported the children.

Wee Reminders

The Sing-a-Long is on Tuesday 20th December, we hope everyone who can, will come and join in.

The joint Christmas Party for morning and afternoon nursery is on Wednesday 21st.

Merry Christmas to all our parents and carers.

More pictures will follow………..

Nursery News

In the nursery class we have been digging up our potatoes from the nursery garden. We brought them in to wash them and then we prepared them for our snack which was delicious potato soup.

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Some of the children  thought the soup tasted good and ate it with the “tasty” bread.

“The bread smells nice”.

We looked at the the other vegetables we used in the soup too.

Darren from Livingston United Parish Church also came in to speak about harvest time and how bread is made and where it comes from.


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The Limelight musicians are still with us  and will be with us next term again.

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Thank you to all who helped on the Welly Walk and who raised money for the nursery funds.

If  there are any more Sponsor Forms to return, please hand them in by the end of the week.

We have made £205 so far.

We are always looking for other ideas regarding this, if anyone has activities which they think would be different please let us know and join in with our Parent Group.

Thanks also to mums who said they would help form a Parent Group.

The best days appear to be Thursday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

The first meeting will be Thursday( morning) 27th October and Wednesday (afternoon)26th October.

Nursery visit to Science Centre

The nursery visited the Science Centre in Glasgow on Monday and all the children enjoyed exploring the different areas. The Planetarium was fantastic although perhaps a little overwelming for some of the little ones.

The bus journey was a trip in itself but  the children were very well behaved both coming and going.

Thanks to all who came and helped. It was a tiring day for everyone and it was quite hectic as we had only a limited time to see lots!

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Nursery Week

We have started using our new woodwork bench and the children have been sawing and hammering and following instructions on how to be safe with the tools.


We have already started thinking about Spring and drew some lovely snow drop pictures. Some of the children read a book called Flora’s Flowers and decided to grow  cress like Max in the story.


The nursery has also been given some donations by Lochlan’s mum for an Easter Raffle. The raffle ticket cost is fifty pence each. If anybody else would like to donate to this please let us know.

We also had fun at the dough table and had a wonderful time with some crazy foam, everyone was keen to try what it felt like.

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And finally girls and boys working hard in the garden.

035 033 036 041  045


Practising our ball skills

Outside in the garden some of the children have been looking at how well we can throw and catch and use bats and balls.Lots of climbing too.

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Inside we have been baking muffins,designing crowns, building robots and thinking about fishy things….. looking after babies and celebrating birthdays.

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Nursery News

Some of the nursery children enjoyed taking part in the assembly for Chinese New Year. The childrenhad made a wonderful dragon and had practised all week. Mrs Welsh and Mrs Anthoney were very proud of the children and thought they did a wonderful job representing the nursery.

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We also made some pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and the children ate them for snack and thought they were  delicious.

We have started  planting in the nursery garden again, hoping to grow some vegetables for our snack.

The children also made some food for the birds outside, using pine cones, lard and seeds.We then tied them up in the trees in the nursery garden. Hopefully the birds will love them.

010 - Copy 011 013 014

Forest School

We were delighted to welcome Kate Walters to our nursery to support the children during our walk in the Belllsquarry Woods. Kate came with us to show us how we can use the outdoors as a classroom. Bellsquarry has lots of lovely space surrounding the school and it is ideal for this type of activity. The children searched for different natural objects in the woods and collected them to take back to the nursery, the children were also told how to react to curious dogs who might appear beside us. We also were shown how to light a bonfire in the woods and some of the children melted marshmallows. After we ate our outdoor snack we then went searching for minibeasts,made magic potions, and painted with natural pigments. The children also played a cool game of hide and seek

012 019 023  036 038  040 042 044

Many thanks to all who came to walk with us and who supported the children, both AM and PM sessions.

There are pictures of PM children to follow. The nursery camera stopped working and we had to borrow Kate’s.


Nursery WeeK

This week in nursery we have been doing lots of diffrent activities . The children have started to make our lovely gifts for the Christmas Fayre. They have taken great care to make them beautiful.

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We have also been in the garden recycling our old wellies. The children have used our bulbs to produce lovely flowers for Springtime.

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We have also been sharing and learning about turn taking in our play and making new friends.

051 070 075


Next week we are expecting a visit from Kate Walters on Wednesday who is taking the children on a walk to the woods, hopefully we will have our snack there, and also build a little fire. We are looking for helpers so if you are free to walk with us and wish to support us, you will be most welcome.

Thank you to Amelia’s mum who gave up her time to talk about her job with the police and how they help  the community, it was most appreciated.

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Nursery Week

Nursery had a busy week, doing lots of nursery activities. We were measuring ourselves and using lots of measuring words at grouptime and during freeflow play. Some of the children helped bake bread for nursery snack and again lots of talking and listening for instructions and measuring quantities  were taking place.

We had to have something to put on our bread so, we had some blackcurrants delivered and we managed to make delicious jam, which we all very much enjoyed.

The children also reflected on our Halloween festivities and keeping safe during Bonfire Night.

We were able to explore creating firework drawings and paintings while listening to lovely firework music and looking at inspiring firework displays and pictures.

If any of the children have any thing they would like to share with the nursery , please pass this on and the news will be shared with the nursery.

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