Celebrating Burns in the nursery

The children enjoyed dressing up and performing their Burns poem in the Nursery. I know it was a wee bit hard but thank you to all the parents and carers who helped  learn the words with their children. They were all keen to stand up and show what they could do.

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Remember our Bingo Night is on Thursday. We are looking for an afternoon parent/carer to sell raffle tickets. If you think you could  help, it would be much appreciated.

Primary 7 Burns Supper

A huge well done to all Primary 7 pupils for organising such a superb evening at their Burns Supper on Thursday.  From designing and creating the invitations, to the meticulous detail on the menus and name plates and the accuracy of the final seating arrangements ensured our evening was a major success.  Every pupil work well in their team to ensure their deadline was achieved and each group successfully cooperated with each other in order to ensure everything tallied together.  This resulted in a truly enjoyable evening which was enjoyed by staff, pupils, parents and guests.  Well done Primary 7 – what’s the next adventure?

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Mr Hunter


Primary 3 Mathematicians

We’ve been very busy developing and practising our skills in Maths. We’ve been using some problem solving strategies to help us to complete our work independently and more effectively. Some of the strategies we have learned are to draw a picture to help us see what’s happening, to act things out to understand how it can be done, to work together to come up with a plan particularly when playing strategy games, to guess, check and improve to encourage us to predict what kind of answer we should find and to look for a pattern to help us to solve problems quickly. We can’t wait to demonstrate our skills on Wednesday at our Patpal Afternoon.

The Squares, Diamonds and Circles Maths Groups have been busy learning to create and use tables, bar charts, pie charts, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams. We used computers to record our data and create different types of chart. The Diamonds have also been learning how to measure with a tape measure – it was great fun but very tricky! The Squares have been investigating what a multiple is – they asked to make a poster about multiples for their homework next week! The Circles have been using Rekenreks to practise their addition skills – they all loved using them and said it really helped their maths! The Triangles have been looking at what multiplication means and are learning and using their times tables facts, in addition to consolidating their knowledge of numbers to 100!

It’s Friday!

What a beautiful day for a Friday! Primary One is hoping the sun and blue skies stick around so they can get out to play.  It has been a busy and productive week in Primary One with a new set of tricky words and challenges in maths.  The reading is coming on a treat and the pupils should be very proud of themselves.  We are all looking forward to the poetry competition coming up soon so get working on those poems over the weekend.

Mrs Gaspar is off to the Botanic Gardens for an outdoor learning CPD course so I must get going.  I will be keen to use what I learn in the weeks to come and get P1 outdoors.

Working hard in P4

In Maths we have been weighing objects using kilogram weights in the balance scales and finding out whether things are heavier or lighter. We have also been working on word problems where we have to work out what we have to do by finding key words in the question.

In our writing this week our Ten Minute Challenge was to write about a scene from Stand By Me where the boys are waiting to cross a tall railway bridge. We also wrote about the Greek myth of the spider-woman.

Our Vincent Scarpace fish pictures are coming on as we have continued to add detail.

We have learned a bit more about Fair Trade in preparation for our cluster get-together with P4s from other schools and will be practising our song in the next few weeks.

This morning we saw the highlights from the Primary 7 Burns’ Night and really enjoyed the singing, poetry and dancing. We have also drawn cartoons of Burns’ famous story of Tam O’Shanter and have been learning our poems ready for the Scots Poetry Competition.


Primary 5

In November, Primary 5 visited the Hippodrome in Bo’ness (see previous post).  We watched ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ as part of the Intofilm festival. After the film we were asked to enter a competition, we had to write a review in Scots.  We are delighted to announce that a review from our class was selected as a winner.  That review belonged to…… Emma Kidd!

Well done Emma!059 060

P2 Penpals and Information Safety

We have had some exciting moments in P2 this week. One of them was to do with our writing. We have been practising our letter-writing skills since the start of January and we are getting better and better, but we know that our letters to Santa and Ms McMaster might not get replies as you would be hard-pressed to find two busier people! We were very excited this week to find out that we were going to start writing to people that would (in theory!) write back. We have new penpals! The P3/2s at Mrs Weatherston Sharma’s old school, Seafield Primary, have agreed to write to us if we write to them. Today, everyone got paired up with someone from Seafield and wrote them an introductory letter. We wrote some information about ourselves and asked our penpal a question to help us find out more about them.
We talked at length about the safety of such interactions. We know that we mustn’t talk to strangers, so how do we know it is safe to write to these children? We talked about how teachers work to keep children safe and that the Seafield P3/2s’ teacher is a known and trusted member of West Lothian’s staff and that she can vouch for – and keep safe – her own pupils. We also discussed what we knew about what was safe to tell people about ourselves. We know very well that we don’t give any personal, sensitive information about ourselves to people we don’t know and haven’t met, including our penpals. We all agreed that we should never reveal our surnames, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or any other identifying information to anyone we don’t know and that we wouldn’t put this information into our letters.

We are very excited to write our letters and to hear back from our penpals. We’ll let you know as soon as their letters come through!

P2’s Special Person: JACK MURRAY

This week, Jack Murray is our Special Person. Here is what P2 said about Jack:
Lee – I like Jack because he’s funny
Jack R – I like Jack because he is my second best friend
Aaron – I like Jack because he has lots of good games
Amelia – I like Jack because he is funny
Natasha – I like Jack because he is my best friend
Mrs WS – I like Jack’s lovely sunny smile
Cayden – I like Jack because he plays with me. He came to my house
Murren – I like Jack because he is always playing Tig with me
Isla – I like Jack because he is a good friend
Maha – I like Jack because he is nice
Jessica – I like Jack because he is kind
Tara – I like Jack because he is strong
Calum – I like Jack because he is lovely
Haaris – I like Jack because he shares a lot
Maisy – I like Jack because he is kind to me
Alistair – I like Jack because he is one of my friends
Anna – I like Jack because he has nice manners

P3 Data Handling

Some Primary 3s have been learning about Venn diagrams. We learned how to sort information into a Venn diagram and to find out information from ones we looked at. It was great fun! We need to remember to double check each item can’t fit into both categories and make sure we put items that don’t fall into either of the categories on the outside of the diagram. Poppy and Safiyyah made up their own Venn diagram.